30-Minute Healthy Chicken Recipes

For a healthy dinner that's easy, too, try one of our healthy chicken recipes. Ready in under 30 minutes and ringing in at under 400 calories per serving, each chicken recipe is easy and good for you. There's no need to cook separate meals for the rest of the family with these healthy recipe ideas for chicken breasts, chicken salad, chicken soup, and family-friendly chicken sandwiches that everyone will enjoy.

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Cake Batter: 6 Ways to Bake

One box of two-layer cake can be used as cupcakes, muffins, a large sheet cake, and more. Learn the six ways to transform this staple.

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NEW Recipes from Our August Magazine

It's time to take it outside. We're sharing recipes that are best served al fresco with friends. Salute summer, from drinks to dessert, with the latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens.

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Dress Up a Dessert in 8 Seconds (or Less!)

Make any dessert recipe worthy of a party with these easy ideas to dress them up. Each dessert idea can be done within 8 seconds!

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Our Best Summer Salads

These fresh summer salad recipes are anything but ordinary. Our irresistible combinations of seasonal vegetables and fruits come together with tasty dressings and tangy vinaigrettes for summer salads everyone will love.

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Fast Shrimp Bisque in 25 Minutes!

A satisfying seafood dinner takes just 25 minutes and cooks in one dish. Best yet, you need just 8 ingredients. Bonus: We'll show you how easy it is to peel cooked shrimp.

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Irresistible Ice Cream Treats

Creamy homemade ice cream is simply the best. Summer tastes better when you have an ice cream cone in hand.

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Popular in Food

How To Grill Corn on the Cob

Here's how to grill corn on the cob -- a perennial summer favorite.

Adding flavor at the very beginning of the cooking process can make a big difference later on where it counts: at the table. We put the butter and herbs on the corn, resealed it in nature's own tinfoil -- the husk -- and let the heat from the fire drive flavor deep into the kernels.

Some recipes tell you to soak your ears of corn before cooking to prevent the husks from burning. We've tried it wet and dry, but found that distance from the heat is what really matters. When corn is placed right over coals or gas flame, it chars more than when grilled indirectly.

Which leads to the final point: This recipe was tested specifically to make sure that you can make your corn while other food is on the grill. The timing is the same -- about 25 minutes -- whether the cobs are set directly over the coals or off to one side.

Take a look at these tips for creating Grilled Corn on the Cob:

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Try This Technique:

Step 1.

1. Peel back the husks, being careful not to tear them. To remove silks, start at the tip of the cob and work downward pulling silks off with your fingers. You can also gently scrub with a vegetable brush.

Step 2.

2. Spread room-temperature butter over the entire surface of the corn. If butter is melted, it's harder to make herbs stick.

Step 3.

3. Space herbs evenly around the ear. In tests with a variety of herbs, our tasters liked cilantro and basil best.

Step 4.

4. After rewrapping, tie the top of the husk with string. Use cotton; synthetic strings can melt in the heat.

Step 5.

5. Because husks are sturdy, the corn can be grilled indirectly or directly over coals. For both methods, keep the grill lid on to make sure the ears of corn cook evenly.


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