Grilling Glossary

A tool to help you grill your favorite foods perfectly.
Grilling Glossary
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Baste: To brush a seasoned liquid on a food to add moisture and flavor.

Brochette: French term for kabob, food cooked on a skewer.

Ceramic briquettes: Radiant materials compacted into a brick shape; used in gas grills. Ceramic briquettes don't burn completely like charcoal. Lava rocks and metal plates are similar alternatives.

Charcoal briquettes: Compacted ground charcoal, coal dust, and starch used as fuel in charcoal grills.

Charcoal grate: The rack that holds charcoal in the firebox.

Charcoal grill: A grill that uses charcoal briquettes as its principal fuel.

Chimney starter: A metal cylinder which holds hot coals for starting a fire.

Direct grilling: A method of quickly cooking food by placing it on a grill rack directly over the heat source. Food is often cooked uncovered on a charcoal grill but covered on a gas grill.

Drip pan: A metal or disposable foil pan placed under food to catch drippings when grilling. A drip pan can also be made from heavy foil.

Dry smoking: A method of cooking food by placing it on a grill rack indirectly over the heat source with the lid down and vents adjusted. This allows the fire to burn, which creates smoke.

Firebox: The bottom of the grill that holds the fire or heat.

Flare-ups: Flames caused by fat dripping onto hot coals or lava rocks.

Gas grill: A grill that uses gas from a tank or natural gas line as fuel.

Glaze: To form a glossy, flavorful coating on food as it cooks, usually by basting it.

Grill basket: A hinged wire basket that is used to hold foods for grilling.

Grill rack: The latticework of metal rods that holds food on a grill; sometimes referred to as a grill grate or grid.

Grill wok: A wok made specifically for grilling. With its sloped sides and numerous small holes, it makes small pieces of vegetables, meat, or seafood easy to stir-fry on the grill.

Indirect grilling: A method of grilling slowly, to one side of the heat source, over a drip pan in a covered grill.

Kabobs: Pieces of meat, poultry, seafood, and/or vegetables, threaded on a skewer and grilled.

Kettle grill: A round charcoal grill with a heavy cover. It usually stands on three legs and can be used for either direct or indirect grilling.

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