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If the thought of grilling thrills you but you don't yet think yourself a pro, it's time to learn how to master outdoor cooking with our grilling basics guide. We've got tutorials, videos, how-tos, tips, and more to turn you from novice to pro. First things first: What are the basic parts of the grill? How should you pick a grill that fits your budget and needs? We've got information to help guide your big decision. Next, learn how to arrange coals to cook either with direct or indirect heat, as well as how to light charcoal. You'll also find different ways to light charcoal, plus helpful information on how to test the grill's temperature. If you're cooking with gas, no worries: We explain the basics and the differences. Once you're ready to get grilling, use our downloadable grilling charts that show you how to cook with success every time. We also include nine great vegetables to get grilling with, including corn on the cob.

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How to Smoke Food

Get tips for smoking different meats and setting up a smoker.

How to Grill Veggies

Learn how to grill nine popular veggies, from asparagus to squash.

How to Grill Salmon on a Plank

Cedar plank grilling is an easy way to infuse salmon with aromatic flavor.

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Getting Started
Grilling Techniques
  • Cleaning a Gas Grill

    Follow these easy steps to properly clean your gas grill and keep it in tip-top shape after each use.

  • Lighting a Gas Grill

    For best results each time you grill, refer to your owner’s manual for lighting and preheating instructions.

  • Direct vs. Indirect Grilling

    Follow these simple ground rules that take the guesswork out of the direct and indirect grilling methods.

  • Direct Cooking on a Gas Grill

    Cook smaller portions of food quickly and efficiently using the direct grilling technique.

  • Direct-Grilling Fish and Seafood

    If fish is on tonight’s menu for dinner, we’ll show you how to use the direct grilling method for perfect results.

  • Direct-Grilling Meat

    This popular grilling method is the hottest and quickest way to cook smaller cuts of meat.

  • Direct-Grilling Poultry

    For dinner in a hurry, select smaller pieces of turkey and chicken to direct-grill over the fire.

  • Indirect Cooking on a Gas Grill

    When time isn’t an issue, cook larger cuts of meat using the slower indirect grilling method.

  • Indirect-Grilling Fish and Seafood

    Follow these easy instructions and cooking times when you indirectly grill your favorite fish and seafood recipes.

  • Indirect-Grilling Meat

    We provide the temperatures and cooking times to indirectly grill a variety of larger cuts of meat.



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