Gas Grilling

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Carefully hold your hand over the
grill to check the temperature.

Q: If I don't have a thermometer on my grill, how do I know medium heat from high heat?

A: Although most newer gas grills come with a high-medium-low heat indicator, if you have an older model, you might not have that convenience. Here's how to tell how hot your grill is: Hold your hand where the food will cook for as long as it's comfortable. The number of seconds you can hold it there gives you an approximate temperature.

Number of Seconds Temperature
2 High (400 to 450 degrees F)
3 Medium-high (375 to 400 degrees F)
4 Medium (350 to 375 degrees F)
5 Medium-low (300 to 350 degrees F)
6 Low (300 degrees F and lower)

Q: When turning off the grill, do I turn off the gas source or the burner first?

A: Turn off the gas source first. The burner will go out, but remember to turn it off too.

Q: What kind of maintenance do I need to do on my gas grill?

A: To make seasonal cleaning easier, every time you grill, burn off any residue left on the grill rack by turning all the burners to high for 10 to 20 minutes, then brush the grill rack with a wire grill brush. Do the following at least once a season -- and be sure the grill is turned off and cold: Change the catch-pan liner and clean the warming racks and control panel with a soapy fine steel-wool pad (use a light touch to avoid scratching). This removes smoke stains and burned-on food and grease. Rinse everything thoroughly with clear water. Then remove the bottom tray from under the grill. Holding it over a trash can, carefully scrape the inside with a putty knife. Push any residue out through the bottom hole. Clean tough stuff left in the tray with a soapy fine steel-wool pad and a very light touch. Do not line the bottom tray with foil. Grease accumulates in the creases and can start a fire.

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