Easy Fish Tostadas with Chili Lime Cream

Flavorful tilapia fillets spice up dinner. Cook them on the broiler rack at the same time as your tostada shells for a super fast dinner.

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NEW Recipes from Our July Magazine

The latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens are here. We're sharing nine irresistible things to make this month, including sweet cobblers, grilled ribs, and easy weeknight dishes.

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Avocado Toast Recipes to Make for Your Next Brunch

Think brunch is basic? Meet avocado toast. These Instagram-famous toasts are the best thing since sliced bread and can be topped with just about anything you like.

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15 Ways to Enjoy Wine All Summer Long

This summer, say good-bye to room-temperature red wine and slightly chilled whites. We've got 15 cool recipes to help you beat the heat, because we all need a little more wine in our lives.

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Freezer Breakfast Recipes

Introducing 19 easy, freezy breakfast recipes you'll love -- including nutty chocolate pancakes, fresh smoothies, freezer jams, and homey biscuits and gravy. Waking up to a yummy breakfast has never been easier.

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Vegetarian Potato Frittata -- Made In a Skillet!

This super-satisfying egg breakfast features a hearty mix of veggies and a nifty presentation thanks to a cooked-in-the-skillet technique.

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16 Snacks You Need for Your Next Netflix Binge

Netflix bingeing is now an official American pastime, so it only makes sense that it gets its own set of snack recipes. We've gathered some of our favorite snack ideas, from the sweet to the salty to the OMG amazing. Whip 'em up, settle in, and let the marathon begin.

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Better Homes and Gardens December 2011 Recipes

Check out our newest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens magazine: easy Christmas cookies, trifle recipes, Scott Peacock's holiday favorites, and more!


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    • Candy Cane Trifles

      Brownies sandwich a layer of vanilla ice cream and crunchy bits of candy cane. To make these trifles in a pinch, pick up brownies from the coffee shop.

    • White Chocolate-Gingerbread Trifle

      Gingerbread is soaked in a lemony white chocolate cream sauce, and topped with cranberries and strawberries.

    • Vanilla Cream-Fruitcake Trifle

      Think you don't like fruitcake? Thank again. Slices of dense fruit-studded cake meld with a smooth vanilla pastry cream, rum-soaked fruit, and candied pecans.

    • Chocolate-Caramel Trifle

      This rich chocolate pudding, caramel, and whipped cream trifle is for the kid in all of us. Top it off with spicy gingerbread people, or use a mix of cookies from a cookie swap.

    • Jam-Topped Eggnog Trifle

      Presented in pretty coffee cups, these strawberry jam-topped custards are served with nutmeg-dusted sugar cookies. Don't save them just for dessert -- offer as a snow day treat or at a holiday open house.

    • Ambrosia-Cherry Trifle

      A Southern classic gets a new look. Four shallow layers create big impact in both flavor and color. A citrus gelatin is the base for a tangy cream sauce, cherries, and mini marshmallows. For crunch, large shreds of coconut are added just before serving.

    • Wine-Poached Pear Trifle

      Fluffy vanilla sponge cake soaks up the flavor of syrupy red-wine-poached pears and cranberries. The whipped cream layer gets and extra boost of richness from mascarpone and toasted hazelnuts. If mascarpone isn't your thing, whipped cream cheese is the perfect stand-in. you can also trade purchased pound cake for the homemade cake layers.

    • Quick Jam Drops

      These easy Christmas cookies from cookbook author Dorie Greenspan are glazed with a smooth icing and snipped dried cranberries.

    • Frozen Coco-Coffee Bites

      No time to bake? No problem! You don't even need to turn on the oven to create these irresistible treats from cookbook author Dorie Greenspan.

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      Tangy Spice Squares

      In this quick recipe from baking guru Dorie Greenspan, a spice-flavored crust is topped with smooth custard before baking.

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      Vanilla-Allspice Thumbprints

      "You can don your cookie-making cap, even at the last minute. No one -- even Santa -- can resist these treats," says baking guru Dorie Greenspan.

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      No-Bake Chocolate Crunchers

      These decadent cookies from cookbook author Dorie Greenspan are the perfect treats to make the night before Christmas. A crunchy-chewy chocolate filling is sandwiched between vanilla wafers.

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      Curried Chicken Stew

      Mop up the flavorful sauce in this stew with crusty baguette pieces or biscuits. Or serve the slow cooker stew over a bed of rice or noodles.

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      Sausage Jambalaya

      This slow cooker, creole-style dish has just five ingredients, making it ideal for busy weekdays.

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      Winter Garden Polenta

      This polenta makes a fabulous, vegetarian slow cooker dinner or hearty side dish. Mushrooms, dried tomatoes, and baby spinach add tons of flavor.

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      Beef and Carrot Ragu

      Wide ridged noodles are the perfect accompaniment to this slow cooker pasta sauce. The thick ragu will cling to the pasta.

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      Pork Loin with Butternut Squash

      This seasonal slow cooker dinner gets its flavor from chunky-style applesauce and pumpkin pie spice.

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      Rosemary Potato Soup with Crispy Carrots

      This smooth potato soup with crunchy topping is a savory dish with colorful flair, all for just 64 cents per serving!

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      Double-Cheddar Holiday Biscuits

      These warm buttermilk biscuits are sure to disappear from your holiday table quickly thanks to the delightful surprise of sharp cheddar cheese.

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      Herb-and-Garlic-Crusted Pork Roast

      A two-layer crust locks in the juice and adds flavor to this succulent pork roast. Before roasting, begin by spreading a layer of bacon, apricot preserves, and garlic on the pork roast. Then, top with a coating of bread crumbs, parsley, and rosemary.

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      Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

      This recipe is sure to win over Brussels sprouts-haters. A drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle of salt and pepper, and squeeze of fresh lemon are the only ingredients needed to transform them into a mouthwatering side dish.

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      Plum Compote

      This thick fruit sauce takes just 10 minutes of prep time. Cherries, apricots, apple slices, and dried plums are reduced with port wine and sugar to create a deeply flavored mixture that's delicious spooned over meat or served with a cheese tray.

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      Scalloped Russet and Sweet Potatoes

      Two types are potatoes are layered with sautéed onions and a creamy sauce in this comforting side dish. Nutmeg and thyme add holiday flavor.

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