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Better Homes and Gardens April 2013 Recipes

The newest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens capture the fresh and fabulous flavors of spring. You'll love every bite of our creative twists on stir-fries from expert Grace Young, our must-try juice-infused recipes, and fun ideas for crisp snap peas.


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    • Shrimp Tacos with Lime Slaw

      A zippy layer of chipotle sour cream complements the seared shrimp and crunchy cabbage slaw in our quick shrimp taco recipe.

    • Mango-Carrot Cake

      What's the secret to the sweet flavor and moist texture in our beautiful carrot cake recipe? Mango juice! We mixed it right in to the fluffy cake batter and reduced it to make an irresistible drizzled syrup.

    • See How to Make Mango-Carrot Cake

      Our delicious carrot cake gets it moist, sweet flavor from mango juice. Watch how easy it is to make!

    • Green Pesto Sauce

      Refrigerated green juice blend gives our parsley- and basil-packed pesto a boost of fresh flavor. We love this bright, herb-infused sauce over potatoes, but it can be refrigerated for up to two days and used on your favorite vegetable or pasta dishes.

    • Sugar Snap Pea Slaw

      Dressed in a creamy Dijon dressing, this quick and easy slaw features a whole lot of crunch thanks to fresh snap peas, fennel, apples, and cabbage. It's healthy and refreshing -- the perfect spring potluck salad.

    • Sweet Berry Dressing

      We infused our sweet and tangy homemade dressing with the essence of tart summer berries. Try it on a salad of fresh spinach, mixed greens, raspberries, mushrooms, and sliced green onion.

    • Spicy Shrimp and Sugar Snap Peas Kabobs

      Our springlike take on shrimp kabobs gets its zippy punch from Sriracha sauce. Mixed with mayo, vinegar, and a touch of sugar and ginger, this hot chile sauce makes the zesty marinade perfect for any kabob.

    • Spring Vegetable Chicken Noodle Soup

      The subtle sweetness of orange-carrot juice blends deliciously with spring veggies and a kick of heat from curry powder. This flavor-packed chicken noodle soup goes way beyond the ordinary.

    • Crunchy Parmesan Sugar Snap Peas

      Fall in love with the satisyfing crunch of fresh snap peas coated with the stellar combo of panko bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Bake to golden, crispy perfection for a side dish that tastes like a guilty pleasure.

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      Sweet Potato Quesadillas with Cucumber Relish

      Recharge your dinner routine with vitamin-packed sweet potatoes and protein-rich navy beans wrapped up in a melty quesadilla. A touch of cumin and chopped jalapenos add peppery heat to the cheesy filling, while our radish-and-cucumber relish is a light and tasty topper.

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      Creamy Peas and Ham

      Our food editors could not stop raving about this bright and delicious version of peas and ham from James Beard Award-winning stir-fry guru Grace Young. Our favorite part? The touch of mint that takes this dish over the top.

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      Market Vegetables with Peanut Sauce

      Bright green beans, crisp-tender carrots, and wilted cabbage take on a velvety, rich flavor when tossed with our spicy peanut sauce. The key to perfectly stir-fried vegetables? Rapid, vigorous stirring. This gives all the produce equal (and constant) access to heat.

    • How to Stir Fry
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      See How to Stir-Fry

      We walk you through our recipe for Market Vegetables with Peanut Sauce and teach you how to make the perfect stir-fry every time.

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      Seared Shrimp Salad with Wok Dressing

      Warm stir-fried shrimp drizzed with an Asian-inspired dressing is truly a revelation when served on a bed of butter lettuce, sharp radishes, and creamy avocado. As one editor described it, "The flavors and texture of each bite are a wonderful surprise."

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      Skillet Bucatini with Spring Vegetables

      Yummy, fresh, and packed with Mediterranean flavors, this easy pasta recipe features caramelized lemon slices and sizzling garlic. Thick spaghetti noodles can be substituted for the bucatini.

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      Smoky Cod with Sweet Potatoes

      Sear delicate cod with just one flip in the pan and pair with rich sweet potatoes and crispy kernels of corn. Finish with our smoky chipotle aioli for a unique and healthy stir-fry recipe.

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      Zesty Greek Chicken with Mint

      The ever-popular gyro gets reimagined in a wok with a drizzle of mint sauce and a simple cucumber-garlic tzatziki. Turn to this chicken stir-fry when you want a fast, fresh weeknight dinner.

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      Spicy Jerk Pork with Pepper Fried Rice

      Introduce your family to the dynamic flavor of Jamaican jerk seasoning in our fiery pork stir-fry. Cook the rice up to a day ahead and pull together this colorful dish in just 30 minutes.

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      Sizzling Steak with Lime-Basil Sauce

      Perfect steak can be achieved outside of the grill. Our simple recipe shows you how a wok or skillet can pan-sear steak to medium-rare perfection. A drizzle of our quick lime and basil sauce adds a suprisingly tasty touch of acidity.

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      Curried Salmon with Tomatoes and Dried Plums

      Dried plums and canned tomatoes give sweet balance to the curry-spiked salmon and chewy Israeli couscous in this quick and easy dinner that uses pantry ingredients for a healthy, tasty meal.

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      Chocolate Tea Bark

      Sprinkle green tea leaves or floral tea leaves over melted chocolate to create a boutique-worthy treat that's perfect for gifting.

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      Cucumber-Burrata Sandwiches

      Burrata cheese, a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, gives these radish- and cucumber-laden tea sandwiches their rich, buttery flavor.

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      Bresaola and Truffle Butter Sandwiches

      Truffle butter and bresaola, an air-dried Italian salted beef, lend decadent flavor to these impressive tea sandwiches.

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