Food Play

Bug Cookies

What You Need:

bug cookie Bug Cookies

  • One 16-ounce can vanilla frosting
  • Orange, yellow, and green paste food coloring
  • Colored vanilla wafers
  • Large and small gumdrops, candied red cherries, red and black string licorice, small multicolored decorative candies, and red cinnamon candies
  • Purchased mini muffins


1. Divide frosting into four bowls. Add desired amount of food coloring paste to three bowls of frosting, leaving white frosting in the other bowl.

2. Caterpillar: Select 12 cookies. Make 6 sandwich cookies using desired color of frosting to hold together. Connect sandwich cookies with additional frosting, forming caterpillar body. Add a large gumdrop with frosting as a head. Add 2 small candies with frosting for eyes and 2 small pieces of licorice for antennae. Add a small gumdrop for a tail.

3. Spider: Sandwich 2 cookies with frosting, inserting small pieces of licorice for legs. Add 2 small candies with frosting for eyes.

4. Flying Beetle: Frost a mini muffin. Add a dab of frosting for beetle body. Cut a cookie in half with serrated knife, and push cookie into the frosting for wings. Add a gumdrop or candied cherry for ahead. Decorate with small candies.