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Monkey Business What You Need:

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Monkey Business

  • 1 package of pink creme-filled snowball cakes
  • 1 tube of red icing
  • One 2-inch diameter gingersnap cookie
  • One black jelly bean
  • Canned icing
  • Two 1-inch diameter peanut butter sandwich cookies
  • Two strawberry-covered mint candies
  • Strawberry fruit roll


1. Place the cakes one above the other for the head and body.

2. With a small tip attached to the icing tube, draw the mouth on the cookie muzzle. Place the jelly bean into the frosting for the nose.

3. Use the canned icing to "glue" the cookie muzzle and the candy eyes to the head.

4. Slip the peanut-butter sandwich cookies under the head for the ears.

5. Fold a long piece of fruit roll in half, lengthwise. Coil one end. Slip the other end under the body for the tail.

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