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Tuna and salmon are loaded with nutritional value -- good for your family and good for your heart. But many home cooks struggle with how to cook salmon and tuna for maximum flavor. In this collection you'll find an entire recipe box devoted to delicious salmon and tuna. We've got heart-healthy twists on tuna and salmon, as well as other fish and seafood, to give you a boost of omega-3 fatty acids along with your tasty meal. Many of our combinations capitalize on the distinct flavors and textures of salmon and tuna, including herbed salmon patties (using budget-friendly canned salmon) and tuna steaks topped with freshly made salsas. If your kids turn up their nose at most fish recipes, give our fish tacos and casseroles a try. There's even fish-topped pizza to serve fish in a familiar way to less adventuresome eaters. Continue to round out your fish flavors with our trout and swordfish ideas, as well as ethnic-inspired recipes.

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For a healthy, fuss-free meal, try one of these delicious ideas tonight.

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Take the guesswork out of making your favorite fish with this our guide.

How to Cook Tuna

Follow these tips for grilling, skillet-cooking, and baking fresh and delicious tuna.

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  • Healthy Fish and Seafood Recipes

    Boost your heart health with these delicious fish and seafood recipes packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

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    When you need a tasty meal in minutes, turn to fish. Our easy salmon recipes call for only a handful of ingredients...


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