Fish and Seafood

Looking for fish recipes that don't feature a freezer bag? Learn how to cook fresh seafood with our how-to guides and fish recipes that everyone in the family will love. Learn how to prepare your fish recipe with virtually any method -- poached, baked, grilled, broiled -- and watch how to check fish fillets for perfect doneness. Fish is full of nutrition, and our fish recipes will entice you to eat plenty of it. Use our dozens of healthy fish recipes to make fish, scallops, and shrimp part of the weekly dinner rotation. With fish recipes for pasta tosses, fish and chips, tuna salad sandwiches, and fabulously flaky grilled fish fillets, we have meal ideas that will entice everyone to the table. For any special occasion, lobster is king. Our step-by-step lobster guide will walk you through how to cook and eat this succulent seafood to get the most "meat" possible.

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Easy and Delicious Fish Recipes
Healthy Fish Recipes

Whip up a dinner that's packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Quick and Easy Grilled Fish

Try our 20 best grilled fish recipes: salads, wraps, tacos, and more!

So-Good Seafood Pastas

Combine your favorite seafood with various pasta for a satisfying dinner.

Cooking Fish How-To Guides
Tips for Perfectly Cooked Fish

Never overcook fish again! Our tips and charts offer times and temps for your favorite fish recipes.

Tricks to Making Tender Tuna

Learn how to buy, store, and season this well-loved fish, plus the various ways to cook tuna.

Scallop Cooking Methods

Cook restaurant-quality scallops at home with our expert tips on preparing this seafood.

Partyworthy Appetizers
How to Make Fish Tacos

Our easy-to-follow instructions make this most-loved fish recipe a cinch to prepare.

Seafood Starters

Check out our top seafood appetizer recipes, including pumpkin-shrimp bruschetta and tasty fruit-fish skewers. These fish and seafood recipes are guaranteed to wow your crowd!

More Seafood Dinner Recipes and Ideas
Trout, Salmon, Tuna, and Swordfish Recipes

These popular and moderately flavored fishes lend themselves to a great array of fabulous dishes.

Favorite Shellfish and Fish Recipes

Use shellfish and other seafood in pastas, salads, and sides with this collection of fish recipes.

Grilled Shrimp Dishes

Shrimp grills like a dream. Bring out the light sweetness of shrimp with one of these satisfying seafood recipes.

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  • Fish Basics

    Learn everything you need for preparing fish with basics like selecting and cooking fish, plus how to roll sushi.

  • Grilled Fish

    Tempt your family with a grilled fish entree. We'll provide fish recipes and a glossary of terms.

  • Salmon & Tuna

    Salmon and tuna are delicious and good for you. We'll show you ways to prepare them and boost your health.

  • Shellfish

    Follow our lead for shrimp, oyster, crab, scallop, and lobster recipes you can easily prepare at home.

  • Fish Stock and Soup Tips

    When your fish recipes call for fish stock or soup, you can easily make your own with our helpful hints and ideas.

  • Shrimp Tips

    Before you step into the kitchen, learn the dos and don'ts of selecting shrimp for your favorite fish recipes.

  • Types of Salmon

    Our hints and tips to salmon types will help you make the best choices for your main-dish fish recipes.


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