Fabulous Fresh Mozzarella

Although related to the solid mozzarella that's a staple on pizza, fresh mozzarella is much softer and moister.
Mozzarella is a great addition to
many of your favorite salads.

Salads are the perfect way to show off this mild, luxuriously creamy cheese. (In Italy, fresh mozzarella is often served sliced with tomatoes as a salad or with fresh fruit for dessert.) It's worth seeking out Italian markets, good cheese shops, and large delis to find fresh mozzarella. Usually, you'll find it packaged in whey or water. It must be eaten within a few days of purchase for the best flavor and texture. A similar Italian cheese is scamorza (also spelled scamorze or scamorzo). It is often aged and smoked but can be eaten fresh when young, like mozzarella.