Salsas and Dips

Use these tangy dips and spreads to spice up any party.

Fresh Tomato Salsa Salsa fresca is the fresh, homemade version of salsa. When prepared with vine-ripened tomatoes and other peak produce, it's easy to taste why this simple, uncooked sauce is in high demand.


Mango Salsa A colorful addition to salsas, mangoes peachlike flavor and juiciness provide an interesting contrast to the lime juice in this refreshing salsa.


Chipotle Chili Salsa This relishlike salsa has a hot, smoky flavor that comes from the chipotle pepper.


Classic Tex-Mex Salsa A Southwestern classic with a fresh taste you'llfind addictive. Use as a condiment or serve with tortilla chips for a fast, down-home appetizer.


Gazpacho Salsa This veggie-packed salsa makes a delightful gift to present to the host or hostess of a party. Tuck in a basket of tortilla chips for scooping up this flavorful treat.

Spread, spoon, or scoop this tasty salsa.

Mango-Kiwi Salsa This tangy fruit salsa is served with decorative jicama cutouts instead of chips.


Tomato-Onion Salsa Vinegar-based relish is often served as an accompaniment to torn fresh greens or wilted cooked greens.


Tomatillo Salsa This authentic salsa is made with both tomatillos and fresh serrano peppers. Look for them in the produce section of large supermarkets or in Mexican food markets.


Summer Salsa Lime juice and jalapeno peppers add zing to this juicy apricot salsa. It's great with grilled pork or chicken.


Spicy Date Salsa For this sultry salsa, use whatever fresh chili peppers are available. Usually the smaller the pepper, the hotter the hit.


Pear-Chutney Salsa Almonds add a crunchy texture to this appetizing fruit and cucumber salsa.


Pico de Gallo Top off tacos and other Mexican dishes with this fresh-from-the-garden salsa.


Texas Caviar Black-eyed peas, sweet pepper, onion, parsley, garlic, and a zesty dressing combine to make this party-special marinated appetizer.


Guacamole A combination of tomato, jalapeno, lime juice and avocado makes this everyone's all-time favortie dip.


Sweet-and-Spicy Pepper-Pineapple Salsa Grilled pineapple, sweet peppers, and onions are chopped and then tossed with a spiced apricot jam-rice vinegar mixture to make up this sweet-and-spicy salsa.