The perfect salsa can come in many forms -- from classic tomato to a fruity mango.

Guacamole For authentic Mexican flavor we used serrano chiles and Mexican oregano. You can substitute jalapeño for the serrano and regular dried oregano for the Mexican variety, if desired.


Chipotle Chile Salsa This relishlike salsa has a hot, smoky flavor that comes from the chipotle pepper.


Chili Colorado Chili Colorado, the basic red chili sauce of New Mexico, made with powdered chiles and tomatoes, is an all-purpose sauce used on everything from huevos rancheros, enchiladas, and tamales to grilled meats and poultry.


Mango Salsa A colorful addition to salsas, mango's peachlike flavor and juiciness provide an interesting contrast to the lime juice in this refreshing salsa.


Light Guacamole All the good taste of classic mashed avocado dip is preserved in this light version made with nonfat yogurt.


Guacamole with a Kick We've doubled the heat in this classic avocado dip with a jalapeno chile and hot pepper sauce.


Pico de Gallo Top off tacos and other Mexican dishes with this fresh-from-the-garden salsa.


Tomatillo-Apple Salsa Serve this salsa with nachos, burritos, enchiladas, or any of your favorite Mexican dishes. It's great with grilled steak or fish, too.


Chipotle-Fruit Salsa Juicy chicken breasts go Southwestern with a salsa bursting with flavor. The chipotle chiles -- smoked jalapeno peppers -- are not for the faint of heart. Use the lower range for a milder salsa.


Fresh Tomato Salsa Salsa fresca is the fresh, homemade version of salsa. When prepared with vine-ripened tomatoes and other peak produce, it's easy to taste why this simple, uncooked sauce is in high demand.


Picante Sauce Picante (pee-KAHN-tay) in Spanish means spicy hot. White wine vinegar and roasted garlic give this sauce rich flavor. The perfect addition to your dip tray.


Salsa Verde A blend of tomatillos, poblano chile, serrano chile and cilantro provide the kick for this lively salsa.