Irresistible & Easy Pizza Ideas

Forget delivery! These homemade pizza recipes are so much better -- and they're just right for a family dinner or get-together with friends.

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Jambalaya Pizza
Jambalaya Pizza

    A crispy rice "crust" is topped with smoked sausage, shrimp, celery, onion, and sweet pepper for a delectable Creole-inspired pizza.

Olive and Arugula Flatbread Pizza Salad

    For a pizza they'll love, layer peppery arugula, tangy tapenade, and fresh Parmesan cheese on crisp flatbread. This Tuscan-style grilled pizza starts with flatbread but any pita or thin Italian bread shell works just as well.

Sweet Bacon and Pear Pizza

    Top premade pizza crust with cream cheese, sliced pear, chopped pecans, feta cheese, and bacon for a delectable dinner.

Pizza Margherita

    Topped with zesty tomato sauce, pungent basil, and fresh mozzarella cheese, this crispy-crust pizza recipe originates from Naples, Italy.

Chorizo-Topped Mexican Pizzas

    Much tastier than the fast-food version, this fresh pizza recipe incorporates spicy chorizo sausage, creamy avocado, and tangy cilantro.

Buffalo Chicken Pizzas

    Southwest-flavored chicken strips, creamy blue cheese dressing, bottled hot pepper sauce, and crisp celery gives these pizzas all the irresistible flavor of your favorite wings.

Beef and Blue Pizza

    Creamy blue cheese, peppery roast beef, red onion, and sweet pepper top this dazzling pizza -- and it's all ready in just 18 minutes.

Chicken and Corn Pizza

    Tired of the same old pizza? Try topping store-bought pizza crust with three cheeses, corn, chicken, red sweet pepper, tarragon, olives, and fresh herbs.

Shrimp and Roasted Pepper Pizza

    The secret behind this pizza's delicious flavor: a combo of Alfredo and tomato-pesto sauces. Plump shrimp and roasted red pepper puts a fresh spin on traditional toppings.

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

    Peppery arugula combines beautifully with the flavorful prosciutto, crunchy walnuts, and two cheeses in this can't-miss pizza recipe.

Mixed Mushroom Pizza

    Four different types of mushrooms top this garlic- and rosemary-infused pizza. Fontina Valle d'Aosta cheese, available in specialty shops, adds a sweet and mild earthy flavor.

Mediterranean Alfredo Pizza

    A layer of creamy Alfredo sauce tops a chewy crust, piled high with fresh spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts.

Caramelized Onion Pizza

    These fuss-free pizzas take on a smoky flavor when cooked on the grill; pita bread makes a simple base, while your favorite veggies customize each pie.

California-Style Chicken Pizza

    Sun-dried tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, parmesan-tomato sauce, and grilled chicken top this crispy-crust pizza. Deli-roasted chicken makes a fine substitute if you're tight on time.

Apple-Anise Pizza

    With tart apples, crunchy walnuts, Swiss cheese, and honey, this savory-sweet pizza makes an impressive starter course for any kind of get-together.

Grilled Sicilian-Style Pizza

    This grilled pizza starts with a store-bought pizza crust -- and is topped with tangy Italian cheese, plum tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Pecorino Romano, and crisp greens.

Tuna and Roasted Sweet Pepper Pizza

    Chunks of white tuna, roasted red pepper, mozzarella cheese, and capers top this easy pizza -- all ready and on the table in less than 40 minutes.

Italian Vegetable Pizza

    Asparagus, summer squash, mushrooms, and tomatoes tossed with Italian dressing make an enticing topper for this vegetarian recipe.

Peasant Pizza with Goat Cheese

    Just a little goat cheese goes a long way to add a creamy, almost decadent, richness to this pizza. Garden-fresh sweet pepper, plum tomatoes, and basil top it off.

Caesar Salmon Pizza

    All of your favorite chicken Caesar salad fixings, including the creamy dressing, are piled high on a chewy pizza crust in this unbeatable recipe.

Chicken Pizza with a Kick

    Fiery picante sauce adds a kick to this hearty pizza piled high with chicken, sweet pepper, onion, and cheddar cheese.

Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

    A made-from-scratch meaty sauce fills this Windy City classic. Serve it with extra sauce on the side.

Pepperoni Pizza

    Spicy pepperoni, ripe olives, zesty tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, and a four-cheese blend is piled high on Italian bread shells -- creating a pizza dinner you'll love.

Steak and Potato Pizza

    Snipped rosemary puts a fresh spin on this hearty pizza. Other tasty add-ons include fresh garlic, red onion, mozzarella cheese, and cracked black pepper.

Tostada Pizza

    The goodness of classic tostadas -- ground beef, pinto beans, Monterey Jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, and onion -- makes this recipe a family favorite.

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