Warm-and-Cheesy Lasagna Recipes

We show you 18 irresistible ways to make this Italian favorite.

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Florentine Lasagna
Florentine Lasagna

    This classic favorite features three different kinds of cheese, a rich tomato sauce, spicy sausage, onion, and spinach.

Meaty Lasagna Bolognese

    With a thick, full-bodied meat sauce famous in the ancient city of Bologna, Italy, this lasagna recipe is a Better Homes and Gardens favorite.

Zucchini-Walnut Lasagna

    You won't miss the ground beef with this clever combination of cheese, herbs, sauce, and veggies. Walnuts are high in nutritious omega-3 fatty acids -- and add satisfying crunch to every bite.

Smoked Salmon Lasagna

    With six different kinds of cheese -- and layers of smoked salmon, mushrooms, and tomato sauce -- this elegant twist on lasagna is ideal for entertaining.

Creamy Artichoke Lasagna

    With plump artichokes, three different kinds of cheese, garlic, and fresh basil, this lasagna is rich and flavorful.

Butternut Squash Lasagna

    Looking for a vegetarian dish they're sure to love? Try this recipe featuring butternut squash, fresh rosemary, and Parmesan cheese.

Chicken Caesar Lasagna

    This lasagna features roast chicken, spinach, roasted red sweet peppers, light Alfredo sauce, and a blend of Italian cheeses.

Vegetable Lasagna

    Filled with mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, carrot, and four different cheeses, this delicious lasagna recipe is a proven crowd pleaser.

Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna

    Tangy goat cheese and a splash of red wine turn a simple lasagna into something special.

Vegetable Lasagna with Red Pepper Sauce

    Filled with squash, mushrooms, tomato, and cheese, this dish features a zippy red pepper sauce..

Cajun Chicken Lasagna

    Spiced up with Cajun seasoning and andouille sausage, this lasagna will surely become a favorite in your recipe box.

Three-Cheese Lasagna

    This rich lasagna features Gruyere, goat cheese, and ricotta -- plus eggplant, basil, and garlic.

Vegetarian Lasagna

    With so many filling veggies, there's no need for meat in this delicious recipe. If you want variety, substitute 10 ounces of your favorite frozen vegetable or frozen mixed vegetables for the broccoli.

Lemon Chicken Lasagna

    Our zesty lemon-chicken lasagna is a fresh, fabulous take on the Italian classic -- and you can make it ahead.

Black Bean Lasagna

    Rich and cheesy, this black bean lasagna is spiced up with a chunky chili-tomato sauce.

Lighter Lasagna

    By using lower-fat cheeses in this recipe, we slashed the fat per serving in half. This slimmer version also has 75 fewer calories than traditional lasagna.

Pumpkin Lasagna

    A hearty and robust alternative to beef lasagna, this recipe is filled with pumpkin, shitake mushrooms, sage, and lots of cheese.

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