How to Make Gluten-Free Flour Mix

With this ratio of white rice flour, potato starch, sorghum flour, and xanthan gum, we created a gluten-free flour mix that you can swap cup-for-cup for regular all-purpose flour.

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Scalloped Potato Recipes

Need some sure winners to add to your list of potato sides? Look no further than these gooey scalloped potato recipes. From classic au gratin potato bakes to modern twists featuring sweet potatoes or fruit, these buttery golden casseroles have it all: cheese, crumbs, and taters!

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How to Make a Single-Crust Piecrust

Learn how to make a pie with tender, flaky crust in 11 simple steps.

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How to Brine a Turkey

Learning how to brine is the simple secret to serving a moist, tender turkey (plus, it enhances the bird's flavor). For most turkey brine recipes, start with a stir-together saltwater solution and be sure to plan ahead, since marinating takes eight to 12 hours.

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Flavorful Green Bean Casserole Recipes

The fresh flavor and creamy texture of green bean casserole have made it a go-to side dish. If you're looking for ways to switch up the classic comfort food, turn to these green bean recipes that showcase what you love about green bean casserole while adding surprising touches.

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How to Mash Potatoes

Make mashed potatoes from scratch -- the creamy results are a special side dish for any dinner. See how our Test Kitchen experts make their mashed potatoes using two types of potatoes and a surprisingly simple process.

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Healthy Italian Recipes

Healthy Italian food? With these healthy recipes, it's possible. Whether you love saucy spaghetti, margherita pizza, or spicy Italian meatballs, you can trust that these classic Italian recipes won't break your diet.


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    • Broccoli Rabe and Mushroom Pizza

      Crispy whole wheat dough sets the stage for leafy broccoli rabe, tender cremini mushrooms, and creamy ricotta on this healthy pizza recipe. Sweeten up your pizza pie with a sprinkling of golden raisins.

    • Mama's Spicy Meatballs

      Saucy, spicy, and under 400 calories, our meatball pasta is the perfect weeknight meal. The homemade red sauce recipe features fresh roma tomatoes simmered in dry red wine for a tangy, sweet sauce that's healthier than the bottled stuff.  

    • Roasted Vegetable Calzones

      Fill your pizza dough with a bounty of fresh vegetables for a calzone that's as yummy as it is good for you. Punch up the flavor of this cheesy favorite with a pinch of fresh rosemary.

    • Homemade Pizza Dough in 3 Steps

      The secret to a great pizza is homemade dough. Learn to make your own crispy, flavorful crust with our video.

    • Grilled Swordfish with Citrus, Saffron, and Mint

      For a dinner that’s sophisticated and healthy, try our lean grilled fish recipe. Grilling is the typical Italian way to prepare swordfish, and the ambrosial flavors of saffron, mint, and juicy blood oranges upgrade this recipe to company-worthy status.

    • Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Meatballs

      A few simple swaps -- like using spaghetti squash instead of pasta -- cut calories and fat from a traditional spaghetti and meatball recipe. Make a leaner meatball by adding fiber-rich bulgur and using lean ground beef.

    • Mini Margherita Pizzas

      Guests will gobble up these mini margherita pizzas just in time for the main course. Each low-calorie appetizer recipe features a sweet-and-savory stack of creamy mozzarella, sliced tomato, and fresh basil.

    • Five-Tomato Salad

      Gorgonzola cheese and Dijon-style mustard add a delightful tang to this take on caprese salad. Always keep tomatoes at room temperature -- refrigerating them can change the flavor, nutrients, and texture.

      Tip: Gorgonzola is a creamy Italian blue cheese that ranges in texture from soft to firm. The longer it ages, the firmer it becomes.

    • Vegetable Lasagna

      Go on -- give in to your love of lasagna! Our veggie-packed version features all the melty mozzarella you love, but layers of fresh mushrooms, spinach, and broccoli keep it low-cal and full of vitamins.

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      Potato, Bacon, and Parmesan Frittata

      A crispy Italian frittata is a perfect breakfast option, but it’s great for dinner, too. Our recipe features thickly sliced bacon and hearty golden potatoes for a filling dish that’s packed with protein.

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      Mediterranean Pepper and Artichoke Pizza

      The tangy combination of artichoke hearts and creamy goat cheese makes this healthy pizza appetizer too good to pass up. Bites of chopped onion and sweet pepper balance the pizza's flavor.

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      Peppered Chicken in Marsala Sauce

      Marsala sauce boasts simple ingredients -- butter, meat juices left after browning, and Marsala wine (produced in Sicily). Marsala has a rich, smoky flavor that develops as the wine ages and is a wonderful complement to white meat.

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      Baked Fennel with Parmesan

      Start your Italian feast with our creamy concoction of lightly sweet fennel baked with onion and Parmesan. Fennel is low-calorie and high in vitamins, and when seasoned with garlic and nutmeg, it makes a rich, flavorful side dish.

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      Lasagna Rolls al Forno

      Creating individual rolls with lasagna noodles makes portion control so much easier, and they taste just as good as the classic. Fill each noodle with a scoop of our veggie-loaded sausage Bolognese and roll it up for a healthy Italian recipe.

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      Farfalle with Mushrooms and Spinach

      This low-fat vegetarian pasta can be made in minutes with ingredients that you likely have on hand. Cut mushrooms into thicker slices for a meatier texture.

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      Scallops with Orange and Honey

      You'd never guess that this flavorful dish is both low in fat and calories. Honey and orange add a touch of sweetness to the mild scallops, while cilantro and garlic balance out the recipe's savory side.

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      Gatto di Patate (Italian Potato Cake)

      Buttery and golden, Italian potato cake deserves a place on your comfort-food roster. The cheesy potato bake is surprisingly low in calories and is studded with snipped salami, which offers enough protein to make it a main dish.

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      Garlic-and-Chili-Rubbed Lamb

      Light cuts of lamb rubbed with a chili-and-garlic-infused spice will be the star of your Italian dinner. You'll love it even more when you learn it's just 200 calories per serving.

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      Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Shrimp

      Seafood and Italy go hand in hand. Enjoy this light shrimp-filled pasta recipe, complete with tasty herbs and spices, such as basil, oregano, and red pepper flakes.

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      Sea Bass with Fennel Slaw

      Preparations for seafood in Italy are simple: Use top-quality ingredients and avoid masking the flavor of the fish with heavy spices and seasonings. Fennel's mild essence is a perfect complement to sea bass, and it's known to reduce elevated cholesterol.

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      Healthy Caesar Salad

      Traditional Caesar dressing calls for egg yolks. Our heart-healthy version replaces them with low-fat mayonnaise, without skimping on that irresistibly creamy texture.

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      Pasta Spinach Salad

      This salad uses a prepared dressing, so it can be made in minutes. It's perfect on its own as a light vegetarian meal, or you can complement the Italian dish with your favorite grilled lean meat.

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      Come home to a comforting hands-off dinner with our scrumptious array of Italian slow cooker recipes. From traditional menu items like lasagna and ravioli to elegant crowd-pleasers like risotto and panzanella, these easy Italian recipes will transport your taste buds abroad.
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