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Enjoy your favorite restaurant meals at home with our ethnic-inspired recipes. You'll find delicious recipes for cuisine including Mexican, Asian, Italian, French, and more. Mexican night is a family-dinner favorite. Our extensive collection of Mexican recipes spans from traditional tacos, burritos, and enchiladas to homemade guacamole, handmade tortillas, and slow cooker Mexican meals. Pizza and pasta are surefire family favorites. Our Italian recipes include starters such as bruschetta and soups, ideas for every pasta dish under the sun, plenty of pizza recipes, and classic desserts, such as tiramisu and cannoli. Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Japanese represent Asian cuisine, and we have delicious recipes for each variety. Egg rolls, pad Thai, tempura, and more -- we have dinner ideas for everyone, from picky kids to the most adventurous eaters. We know how much you love your slow cooker, so we've compiled our favorite ethnic-inspired meals that can be made with no fuss in the slow cooker. Check out our guides on how to stock your pantry for each type of cuisine so you'll have key ingredients on hand for any world flavor you're craving.

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Most Popular International Cuisine Recipes

Your Favorites with a Twist
Healthy Asian Dishes

Love takeout but hate the calories and sodium? Try these heart-healthy recipes.

Tacos and Tostadas

Dress up tacos and tostadas with fresh ingredients and creative flavor pairings.

Fabulous French Desserts

Wow guests with sophisticated and exquisite French desserts.

More Ethnic Recipes
Regional Italian Recipes

Transport your taste buds across Italy with the fresh flavors of these scrumptious regional recipes.

Authentic Tamales

Learn how to make tamales -- cornhusks filled with savory or sweet dough -- in 7 simple steps.

Ethnic-Inspired Casseroles

For a fuss-free dish with a fresh twist, try one of our simple make-ahead casseroles for dinner tonight.

Weeknight Meal Ideas
Make-Ahead Dinners

Let your slow cooker do the heavy lifting in these easy ethnic recipes. These flavorful recipes, such as Bold Mexican Tacos Carnitas and Beef and Carrot Ragu, will make your weeknight.

Ethnic Food We Love
Tasty Chicken-Stir Fries

Stir up an easy Asian-inspired meal complete with protein-packed chicken, fresh vegetables, and so-good sauces.


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