Tips for Planning an Appetizer Party

Tips for making any appetizer party easier to give. Guidelines on how much food to have and sensible advice to consider when planning an appetizer party.

How Much & How Many

  • Consider the kind of appetizers served -- hearty or light -- and if a meal is to follow.
  • If a meal is planned shortly after the appetizers, allow four to five appetizers per guest,
  • If a late meal is planned, allow six to seven appetizers per guest.
  • If no meal follows, allow eight to nine appetizers per guest.

Planning a Party Menu

  • Select favorite recipes you are comfortable with and/or try out new recipes before the party.
  • Determine how foods will taste together considering: rich, highly flavored foods, simple fresh items.
  • Make sure you will have enough refrigerator space for your dishes.
  • If appetizers are to be warm, make sure you have enough oven space to warm them and warming plates to maintain their temperature.
  • Make-ahead appetizers that only requiring heating and no further work will ease pre-party time pressures.
  • If serving buffet-style, consider finger foods rather than foods requiring utensils to eat.
  • Finger foods also make for quick serving, while foods requiring slicing, spreading, or portioning can cause a bottleneck at the buffet.
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