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Rainbow Drink Recipes

We love bright colors so, naturally, we're big fans of these gorgeous cocktails. We've collected some of our favorite rainbow drink recipes for you to try, including deep red sangria and sunny yellow margaritas. No matter what the occasion, our colorful concoctions will be the life of the party.


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    • Gorgeous Rainbow Drink Recipes

      Brighten up your next party with pretty cocktails inspired by the colors of the rainbow. From pale pink to golden yellow and tropical blue, each rainbow drink brings different hues and delicious flavors to the table.

    • Red: Watermelon Margaritas

      This red-hued beauty is like summer in a glass. Frozen watermelon cubes make a fun substitute for regular ice, while a generous helping of tequila and triple sec help get the party started.

    • Dark Red: Sunset Sangria

      At the end of a long week, treat your friends -- or yourself -- to a glass of fruity red wine sangria. Pour the wine over zippy lime simple syrup to create a pretty layered sunset look.

    • Pink: Icy Cranberry Margarita

      Think pink: With a cool blend of cran-raspberry juice, melon liqueur, and tequila, these grown-up slushies put a tart twist on classic margaritas.

    • Orange: Rose Collins

      Take the classic Tom Collins to delicious new heights with help from a generous splash of rose syrup. (Yes, you read that right.) It adds a light floral flavor to each sip of this sunny vodka and Campari cocktail.

    • Yellow: The Porcupine

      One sip of this golden drink and you'll understand the buzz around beer cocktails. Pale ale and a bottle of Prosecco mix with tart pineapple juice for an irresistible party offering. The prickly pineapple wedges in each glass give the drink its name.

    • Golden Yellow: Cherry Tomato Margarita

      If a beautiful yellow tomato margarita sounds wrong, we don't want to be right. The tomatoes are muddled with a pinch of salt, then shaken with tequila and orange liqueur. A splash of simple syrup sweetens the deal.

      Editor's Tip: For a gorgeous garnish, grill a few of the tomatoes on a bamboo skewer just until blackened; add one to each glass.

    • Green: DIY Mojito

      It's easy being green, especially when you're mixing up a batch of refreshing, minty-lime mojitos. We give you the measurements, and you pick your favorite ingredients, such as different herbs and flavored rums, so each drink is tailor-made to your tastes.

    • Minted Arnold Palmers: 5 Easy Steps

      It's simple to make a refreshing, minty Arnold Palmer. Just follow these quick and easy tips!

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      Blue: Blue Hawaii Martini

      No beach vacation on your horizon? No problem. Add a splash of tropical flavor to your next party with a blue curacao and vodka cocktail. Slip an orange wedge onto the rim of each glass, then enjoy your trip to paradise.

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      Brown: Toasted S'mores Cocktails

      Admit it: You've never stopped loving s'mores. Luckily, you don't have to wait for summer to indulge in the classic campfire treat. These tawny-color cocktails feature sweet chocolate liqueur, marshmallow vodka, and a splash of whipping cream for a grown-up twist on an old favorite.

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      White: Peppermint Frost

      Stir up a batch of pure white cocktails for an irresistible after-dinner treat. Peppermint schnapps and crushed mints keep each sip minty and cool, and white creme de cacao adds a hint of rich chocolate to each sip.

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      Pink: Blushing Lemonade

      If you love pink (or just delicious drinks in general), then you'll adore this pretty vodka cocktail. With pink lemonade and a splash of limoncello, this sweet stunner is ready to celebrate. Curls of lemon peel make a cute-as-can-be garnish.

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      Red: Watermelon-Basil Daiquiri

      Watermelon and fresh basil team up for a summertime cocktail with a gorgeous red tint. Choose aged or light rum to customize the drink to your taste. Add a frozen watermelon spear to each glass for a garnish that looks cute and keeps each sip cool.

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      Dark Red: Smokin' Bloody Marias

      This twist on the classic brunch drink is on fire, and we're not just talking about the color. Chipotle sauce, smoked jalapenos, and fire-roasted tomatoes create a bold cocktail that's not for the faint of heart.

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      Dark Yellow: Ginger Beer Shandy

      Beer-lovers and cocktail aficionados alike will say "cheers" to this delicious lager cocktail. Ginger ale adds bubbles and a touch of sweetness to balance the lemon juice. Serve in chilled glasses rimmed with crystallized ginger for a party-ready look.

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      Light Green: Lemon-Cucumber Refresher

      The grass is always greener when you're sipping a fresh, 150-calorie cucumber cocktail. Shaking the cucumber slices with rum and lemon juice give this quick and easy cocktail its green tint, and a homemade simple syrup sweetens without overpowering.

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      Dark Green: Minty Lime Refresher

      A splash of green creme de menthe adds plenty of cool flavor to these cute rum cocktails. Their pale green color makes them perfect for an outdoor party or a casual summertime evening cocktail.

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      Brown: Black Patent

      Together, chocolate vodka and Guinness create the beer cocktail you never knew you wanted. The vodka is shaken with a splash of lemon juice and simple syrup to balance the complex, nutty flavors of the beer.

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      Tan: Smoked Bacon Rye Sour

      Bacon-lovers, rejoice: You can have your bacon and drink it, too. This smoked cocktail boasts bacon-infused rye whiskey -- made by mixing the liquor with crumbled bacon -- and a splash of pure maple syrup. So go ahead and get your bacon on!

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