Easy Fish Tostadas with Chili Lime Cream

Flavorful tilapia fillets spice up dinner. Cook them on the broiler rack at the same time as your tostada shells for a super fast dinner.

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NEW Recipes from Our July Magazine

The latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens are here. We're sharing nine irresistible things to make this month, including sweet cobblers, grilled ribs, and easy weeknight dishes.

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Avocado Toast Recipes to Make for Your Next Brunch

Think brunch is basic? Meet avocado toast. These Instagram-famous toasts are the best thing since sliced bread and can be topped with just about anything you like.

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15 Ways to Enjoy Wine All Summer Long

This summer, say good-bye to room-temperature red wine and slightly chilled whites. We've got 15 cool recipes to help you beat the heat, because we all need a little more wine in our lives.

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Freezer Breakfast Recipes

Introducing 19 easy, freezy breakfast recipes you'll love -- including nutty chocolate pancakes, fresh smoothies, freezer jams, and homey biscuits and gravy. Waking up to a yummy breakfast has never been easier.

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Vegetarian Potato Frittata -- Made In a Skillet!

This super-satisfying egg breakfast features a hearty mix of veggies and a nifty presentation thanks to a cooked-in-the-skillet technique.

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16 Snacks You Need for Your Next Netflix Binge

Netflix bingeing is now an official American pastime, so it only makes sense that it gets its own set of snack recipes. We've gathered some of our favorite snack ideas, from the sweet to the salty to the OMG amazing. Whip 'em up, settle in, and let the marathon begin.

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Skinny Cocktails

Who says you can't have any fun while watching your waistline? Raise a glass to your healthy diet with these skinny cocktail recipes -- each one is less than 200 calories! With low-calorie mixers and mindful portion sizes, these festive cocktail recipes are party-perfect. Cheers!


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    • Bloody Maria

      Ready in just 15 minutes, this Mexican-inspired Bloody Mary recipe uses bold ingredients, such as chipotle chile pepper sauce and sliced jalapeno peppers, to make the flavor go a long way. Use reduced-sodium tomato juice to make this drink better for you.

    • Watermelon Martini

      Watermelon's natural sweetness is a perfect match for lemon vodka in this delicious low-cal martini. Orange-flavor liqueur, lime juice, and sugar complete our favorite summertime sipper.

    • Drink Garnishes: 3 Ideas with Melons!

      These drink garnishes are as fun as the drinks themselves.

    • Blush Slush

      This refreshing slush keeps things light with fresh strawberries, kiwifruit, and only a couple of tablespoons of added sugar. Freshly squeezed lime juice adds the perfect amount of zing, and sliced kiwifruit makes a healthy party-ready garnish.

    • Ginger-Peach Bellini

      Made-from-scratch ginger syrup complements the natural sweetness of peaches in this summery cocktail recipe.

    • Pom-Berry Margarita

      This fun twist on the traditional blended margarita gets big flavor from pomegranate juice and a variety of fruity liqueurs. Fresh pomegranate seeds and raspberries make a delicious fiber-filled topper.

    • DIY Mojito

      Fresh mint and zesty lime add refreshing flavors to this mojito that's so easy to make. By using chilled club soda instead of a soft drink mixer, you're saving calories, too.

    • Gingered Framboise Martini

      Win over any ginger-lover with a ginger liqueur-infused martini, deliciously paired with fresh cilantro and raspberries.

    • Ginger-Peach Margaritas

      Add an unexpected kick to your favorite tequila-infused drink with just a touch of ginger syrup. Rim glasses in chopped crystallized ginger instead of the traditional margarita salt for bigger ginger flavor.

    • How to Make a Berrytini
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      Make a Berrytini

      Create a berry-filled cocktail in minutes! See how.

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      Mint-Strawberry Crush

      Fresh summer strawberries and mint are delicately balanced with cognac, lemon juice, and a dash of simple syrup. Not only do fresh berries sweeten this drink, but they also help keep this cocktail low-cal as an alternative to sugary juice.

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      Coffee Cooler

      The next time you're looking for a caffeine boost in your cocktail, swap creamed coffee liqueurs (which add a ton of calories) for the real thing. Strongly brewed chilled coffee adds rich flavor to root beer and spirits in this low-cal cocktail.

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      Cucumber Sangria

      Give fruity sangria a vegetable twist with crisp cucumber slices and fresh mint. (Don't worry: We kept some fresh melon and lime juice in the mix, too.) We combined calorie-free carbonated water with white wine in this sangria recipe to add bubbles while cutting calories.

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      Herbed Blackberries on the Rocks

      Sophisticated blackberries and sprigs of rosemary add beauty and depth of flavor to this margarita-like drink. Bonus: This fruity cocktail rings in at just 153 calories per serving!

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      The Porcupine

      This pineapple-white wine cocktail is super easy to make with just four ingredients. Pineapple's natural sweetness is deliciously balanced by fresh, aromatic rosemary.

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      Black Patent

      Chocolate, lemon, and stout. These deep flavors balanced by a touch of sweetness keep this beer cocktail classy, refreshing, and unique.

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      Hot Orange Sipping Tea

      The subtle flavors of spiced tea and vanilla paired with sweet-sour orange make this a perfect nightcap for a cozy evening in. Garnish this five-star recipe with cinnamon sticks and orange slices.

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      Cherry Tomato Margarita

      Turn a classic margarita on its head with unexpected fresh produce, such as the cherry tomatoes used here. It has all the flavors you love from the traditional version (tart lime, tequila, and orange liqueur), plus bright, summery sweetness from the juicy cherry tomatoes.

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      Cucumber Gin and Tonic

      Give the classic gin and tonic a fresh and floral update. Elderflower liqueur and crisp cucumber add unique flavor, while tonic water keeps calories low in this cocktail recipe.

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      The Aloha Shandy

      Fruit juice ice cubes chill this summery sipper, adding natural sweetness to the beer shandy as they melt without diluting your cocktail. Serve it with a lemon slice garnish at your next summer party.

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      Spicy Apricot Shandy

      Chile peppers in an apricot shandy? Yup! This trendy beer cocktail perfectly balances sweet and spicy flavors with ingredients like a touch of citrus soda, homemade apricot syrup, pale ale, and thin slices of serrano chile. Yum!

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      Cranberry-Orange Tea Sipper

      Adding tea to this low-calorie fruity drink keeps it light. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for holiday appeal.

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      Lime Margarita

      Celebrate girls' night, Cinco de Mayo, or any other occasion with this classic cocktail. Quick tip: Start with chilled mixers so the ice won't melt and dilute your drink.

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      Light Cranberry Hot Toddy

      Warm and delight your guests with a festive cup of cranberry hot toddy! Low-cal juices lighten this version so you can celebrate guilt-free.

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      Fresh and Fruity Sangria Recipes

      Know how to make sangria? We've put our own spins on the popular Spanish drink by dressing up our simple white and red sangrias with irresistible mix-ins, such as limoncello, fresh ginger, and blackberry syrup. Each offers something deliciously different, so there's a sangria recipe here for everyone!
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