Wine and cocktails can be a welcome adults-only addition to any get-together. Our bar basics guide provides a good foundation with ideas about how to stock your home bar with cocktail basics, from the necessary gadgets to the liqueur staples. The real fun is in the recipes. For spring and summer gatherings, use our fruity sangria, lemonade, agua fresca, iced tea, frozen margarita, or martini recipes. In cooler months, try our warm cider-based punch recipes, winter-fruit sangria, or drinks using other fall and winter fruits. Never worry about running out of drinks during a party with help from our beverage calculator. We spell out how much to have on hand based on the number of guests attending. If you don't have time to make your own drink recipes, purchase a selection of beer or wine to have on hand. Our beer guide and wine guide will help you choose a good mix. We also have a resource to help you pair your grilled dinner with the perfect cocktail for the most ambitious hosts.

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Cocktail Party Essentials
Easy Cocktail Party Ideas

We'll help you entertain the crowd with our fancy cocktail recipes and cocktail party tips.

How to Make Easy Party Cocktails

Making party drinks is a cinch when you know the basics of creating great party cocktails.

Skinny Cocktails

Indulge in a cocktail without blowing your calorie budget with these low-cal cocktails.

Classic Cocktails (Must-Know Recipes!)
Everything in Wine and Cocktails
Bar Basics
  • Bar Guide to Mixed Drinks

    The best parties start with the right beverages. Use our tips to successfully stock your bar.

  • Beer Guide

    Before you serve your next glass of beer, we'll help you narrow your choices with the following hints and tips.

  • Beverage Calculator

    Use our handy beverage calculator to take the guesswork out of serving drinks at your next party.

  • Cocktail Basics

    We cover the basics of serving cocktails at your next soiree with tips on ingredients, glassware, and gadgets.

  • Wine Guide

    Confused about what type of wine you should serve for dinner? Follow our guide and entertain your guests with ease.

Must-Try Recipes
  • Fresh and Fruity Sangria Recipes

    We've dressed up sangria with an abundance of colorful ingredients like cranberries, mint leaves, citrus, and figs.

  • 10 Dazzling Winter Cocktails

    Kick off your holiday parties with our tantalizing winter cocktails that are guaranteed to steal the spotlight.

  • Festive Fall Drink Recipes

    The fresh flavors of fall abound in our drink collection that includes punches, ciders, teas, martinis, and shakes.

  • How to Create a Cocktail Party Menu

    We've taken the hassle out of throwing the perfect cocktail party with our menu of drinks and finger foods.

  • Cooling Cocktail Recipes

    Quench your thirst with our selection of 14 mixed drinks that will be the hit of your next summer bash.

  • Strawberry Drinks

    Serve up summer's favorite berry in your choice of tempting drinks that include alcoholic and nonalcoholic options.

  • 25 Refreshing Summer Drinks

    Our cool and exhilarating summer drinks include daiquiris, martinis, lemonades, margaritas, and smoothies.


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