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Take a trip back in time to the days when the popular hangout was the local soda fountain to watch the soda jerks prepare a selection of ice cream-inspired drinks. While those days have come and gone, creamy milk shakes, tasty malted milk shakes, and fizzy ice cream floats are still as popular as ever. You don't need to visit a restaurant to enjoy one of these blended concoctions. The experts at Better Homes and Gardens provide the know-how so you can serve a wide variety of sippers in your own home. With our recipes and tips, you can prepare a classic like vanilla or a brand new creation with ingredients such as coconut, peaches, ginger, mint, and berries. Let the holidays inspire you -- try a patriotic shake by adding red, white, and blue mix-ins. Or take your beverage up a notch and make a milk-shake cocktail for your next party. The options are endless as long as you have Better Homes and Gardens by your side.

Coffee Smoothie

Want to get a little indulgent with your smoothie? Top with a dollop of whippe...

Sparkling Grapefruit Sorbet Floats

This icy pink sorbet pairs perfectly with creamy vanilla ice cream and...

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Ginger Beer Shandy (Floats)!

Summahtime and the livin's easy. Right? Totally! I am so excited to be here fo...

Hot Chocolate-Stout Float

Kids love a version of this without stout. Stir crushed pretzels into the shak...

Raspberry Cheesecake Shake

A dessert in a glass? Why not? Try this sweet drink when entertaining.

Strawberry-Mango Milk Shake

This blended frozen fruit drink is perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Hot Fudge Stout Floats

Let's keep it simple this Monday with a three ingredient treat that takes less...

Chocolate Stout Shake

Kids love a version of this ice cream beverage without the stout. Stir crushed...

Watermelon Sherbet Shake

A slushy blend of watermelon and condensed milk make this shake extra creamy.

Very Raspberry Frappe

The ratio of fruit to milk to gelato in this recipe is balanced to make a drin...

Oreo Neapolitan Shake

August maybe the hottest month of summer, so when t

Moo Juice

Have several flavors of ice cream on hand and let the kids pick their favorite...

Strawberry Blender Breakfast

Make this fresh fruit drink for breakfast or a delicious snack.

Easy Chocolate Shakes

Fat-free pudding mix makes these easy-to-fix shakes unbelievably thick and...

Stripey Strawberry Shake

The sweet strawberry syrup that flavors the milk is drizzled down the side of...

Pink Cloud

This strawberry shake can be made with ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Fruit Shake

Choose a flavor to make this quick-fix shake, which is comparable to dessert.

Strawberry-Papaya Shake

This shake combines fruits and dairy in a nutritious beverage. Whirl it...

Flavored Moo Juice

This ice cream refresher recipe takes less than five ingredients, whipping up...

Vanilla Dream Float

You can purchase cream soda an amber shade or clear in color. The deeper shade...


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