Shakes and Floats

Take a trip back in time to the days when the popular hangout was the local soda fountain to watch the soda jerks prepare a selection of ice cream-inspired drinks. While those days have come and gone, creamy milk shakes, tasty malted milk shakes, and fizzy ice cream floats are still as popular as ever. You don't need to visit a restaurant to enjoy one of these blended concoctions. The experts at Better Homes and Gardens provide the know-how so you can serve a wide variety of sippers in your own home. With our recipes and tips, you can prepare a classic like vanilla or a brand new creation with ingredients such as coconut, peaches, ginger, mint, and berries. Let the holidays inspire you -- try a patriotic shake by adding red, white, and blue mix-ins. Or take your beverage up a notch and make a milk-shake cocktail for your next party. The options are endless as long as you have Better Homes and Gardens by your side.

Recipe Quick Find

Fabulous Floats and Malts
Ginger-and-Mint Lime Floats

Serve up this refreshingly light float on a hot day.

Rocky Road Malted Milk Shakes

Peanut butter and a touch of marshmallow take this malt beyond.

Creamy Guinness Floats

Blend ice cream with beer for an indulgent adult dessert.

Mmmmm, Milk Shakes
Vanilla Milk Shakes

Love vanilla? You'll go crazy for this classic milk shake.

Red, White, and Blue Shakes

Show your patriotic side with our fun layered milk shakes.



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