Warming Winter Beverages

When cold weather hits, warm your guests (or yourself) with one of these delicious hot drinks.

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Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate
Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate

    Coconut milk puts a fresh spin on classic hot chocolate. Curls of chocolate dress it up.

Spiced Black Tea

    Pomegranate juice adds healthy antioxidants to this cinnamon-spiced tea.

Timberline Hot Chocolate

    This Timberline Hot Chocolate requires a major dollop of schlag, the German word for whipped cream.

White Hot Chocolate

    To create the foamy layer on top, blend some of the hot chocolate mixture in a blender container until frothy, and add to each serving.

Hot Caramel Chocolate

    Sip this creamy caramel drink for a welcome warm-up.

Chocolate Cocoa Deluxe

    True chocoholics will want to use bittersweet chocolate, which carries a more pronounced flavor than semisweet.

Chocolate Cappuccino

    Garnish this minty-coffee treat with a peppermint stick.

Anise Coffee and Ice Cream

    Iceberg-like pieces of ice cream melt quickly to mellow steaming-hot coffee. Mimic the idea for kids by using hot chocolate instead of coffee.

Cafe Brulot

    Brulot means "burnt brandy" in French. Special fireproof brulot bowls were important tableware in fine New Orleans homes during the 1800s. For a dramatic effect, the lights were dimmed before the mixture was flamed and the coffee added to it.

Mocha Java

    Coffee and chocolate often are served side by side. This elegant drink combines them in a single, satisfying cup.

Tea and Cider Wassail

    Let the flavors of tea, four fruit juices, and spices brew in your slow cooker. Serve the drink from the cooker or a heatproof bowl.

Mocha au Lait

    Looking for an easy and impressive last-minute gift? Package one or more batches of this coffee- and chocolate-flavored drink mix in clear cellophane bags and tie with festive ribbons. Include instructions so your java-loving friends can whip up a great mocha sensation.

Holiday Cider

    Warm cider gives off a heavenly aroma to welcome snow-laden guests. This recipe uses baked apples studded with cloves, along with fresh citrus juices, apple cider, and spices.

Ginger-Lemon Tea

    Use a grater or zester to get yellow, flavorful strips of lemon peel and to avoid the bitter white membrane beneath.

Spiced Orange Mocha

    Cappuccino goes a step better. Simmer coffee, chocolate, orange, and spices into this mellow brew.

Hot Buttered Cider

    To make a hot buttered rum drink to enjoy later in the day, add 1/2 cup rum to this recipe.

Mulled Raspberry Tea

    Here's a quick recipes that mixes mashed raspberries with tea, cranberry-raspberry juice, lemonade, water, and allspice, creating a rosy warm drink for any gathering.

Cranberry Sipper

    Your slow cooker brings make-ahead ease to this recipe. The lively combination of cranberry, raspberry, and apple juices and a sprightly spark of lemon guarantees this recipe will be a spirited concoction -- whether or not you choose to add brandy or rum!

Spiced Apple Tea

    Chase away chills with this soothing maple and cardamom sipper.

Cranberry-Orange Tea Sipper

    The tea in low-calorie Cranberry-Orange Tea Sipper keeps it light.

Hot Strawberry Cider

    If you're looking to warm up on a chilly day, serve up some of this warm spiced apple-berry cider.

Chocolate Chai

    Chai, a spiced milk-and-tea blend that originates in India, is popping up in a variety of versions in coffeehouses all over America. Here's a chocolaty-rich way to tap into the craze.

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