Whether it's enjoyed at a lemonade stand or a summer party, a glass of cool, refreshing lemonade holds a nostalgic spot in our hearts. You could use lemonade from concentrate, but why not enjoy freshly squeezed lemonade? (It's super simple!) Flavor your classic tart drink with strawberries or watermelon, or spike it with a bit of vodka for an adult take on the summer sipper.

Recipe Quick Find

Anything-But-Basic Lemonade Recipes
Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

A little sugar and naturally sweet strawberries turn the tables on tart lemonade.

Watch: Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

Lemonade grows up! You'll make your own blackberry syrup to kick up bourbon-splashed lemonade.

Raspberry Lime Lemonade

Lemon and lime juice with an infusion of fresh raspberries make a fresh twist on lemonade.

Lemonade Recipes with Alcohol

Cook with Lemonade!
Lemonade Cake

Frozen lemonade concentrate (or your own homemade lemonade) is at the heart of these adorable lemon cake bars.

Raspberry-Lemonade Shortcakes

A DIY lemonade mixture provides the sauce in a slimmed-down sponge cake that uses tart raspberries.

Pink Lemonade Cake

Perfect as a girl's birthday cake, the pink layers feature lemonade and lemon extract for face-scrunching fun flavor.



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