Hot Chocolate Recipes

When cold weather hits, there's nothing better than curling up with a cozy mug of hot chocolate. We've got a dozen ways to make your cup of hot cocoa even better, including mix-ins, stir-ins, and of course marshmallows!


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    • Splatter Paint Cocoa

      Slow cooker hot cocoa turns into a delicious work of abstract art, thanks to haphazardly drizzled hot fudge ice cream topping and a dollop of whipped cream.

    • Insane Candy Cane Cocoa

      Capture the spirit of the holidays by stirring peppermint extract into homemade hot chocolate. Don't forget to garnish with crushed candy cane!

    • Raspberry Cocoa with Hazelnut Cream

      Turn regular hot cocoa into an indulgent grown-up treat with raspberry liqueur, Nutella-laced whipped cream, and fresh raspberries.

    • Hot Chocolate Mix

      Packaged in a cute, DIY reindeer jar, this hot chocolate mix is perfect for gift-giving. Plus, it only calls for five ingredients!

    • Mexican Marshmallow Cocoa

      Make like the Mayans and add chili powder to your hot chocolate for a truly delicious treat. Cocoa-covered marshmallows and a vanilla bean take this drink over the top.

    • Double Hot Chocolate

      Grated chocolate and sweetened whipped cream add an extra touch of tastiness to our 15-minute hot cocoa recipe.

    • Vanilla Coffee White Hot Chocolate

      Skip the coffe shop and serve up a white chocolate mocha recipe right at home. For an adults-only spin, add a splash of brandy to the mix.

    • Bittersweet Hot Chocolate

      Nothing's better than a classic cup of cocoa on a cold winter day. This marshmallow-topped treat is sure to do the trick!

    • Hot Cocoa

      This toteable hot chocolate recipe is perfect for tailgating, sledding, or any other outdoor activity. Check out the four variations for grown-up liqueur ideas and other interesting mix-ins.

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      Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate

      Tres leches is a traditional Latin cake that literally means "three milks." Inspired by the tasty dessert, this decadent drink features coconut milk and chocolate shavings.

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      White Hot Chocolate

      Cinnamon and cardamom add a delicious depth of flavor to this simple vanilla-infused slow cooker hot cocoa recipe.

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      Timberline Hot Chocolate

      This dark chocolate drink is best served with a dollop of schlag, the German word for whipped cream. Serve with cookies for a delicious winter treat.

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      Aztec Hot Chocolate

      The Aztecs were among the first cultures to enjoy hot cocoa, and we're still loving it today. Ground chipotle chile pepper, cinnamon, and espresso powder make this slow cooker hot chocolate a warm and spicy drink the Aztecs would approve of.


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