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When guests come calling, offer something more than a can of this or a bottle of that with these any-occasion drink recipes. From morning coffee to a sophisticated nighttime drink, you'll find we have something for every beverage need. Start your day with the perfect cuppa Joe with our coffee primer to guide you in choosing beans, selecting the best grind, and brewing with the precise bean-to-water ratio. From there, move on to more coffeehouse-style drinks, iced coffees, and spiced teas. You'll find plenty of family-friendly drink recipes for smoothies, lemonades, and new ways with hot chocolate, too. If you plan to entertain, check out our advice for stocking your bar, and get the best drink recipes for classic party cocktails, plus tips for menu planning. And don't forget to utilize your slow cooker for parties to serve up our cozy slow cooker drinks.

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Warm-Weather Drinks
Frozen Drink Recipes

Beat the heat with our alcoholic and nonalcoholic frozen drink recipes.

Tasty Lemonade Recipes

Enjoy your favorite citrusy drink with our fresh lemonade recipes.

25+ Summer Drinks

Enjoy all the flavors of the summer season in a glass! Each summer drink recipe is chilling and quenching.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Enjoy a refreshing treat that feels indulgent with these healthy smoothie recipes.

Delish Veggie Smoothies

You'd never guess there are loads of vegetables hiding in these yummy smoothie recipes!

How to Make a Smoothie

Whether you make them for a snack or light breakfast, here are our best smoothie-making tips.

build your own bar
Bar Guide to Mixed Drinks

Be your own bartender! Learn how to make easy and impressive party drinks.

Essential Bar and Cocktail Tools

Make creating cocktails oh, so easy by following our guide to buying the right home-bar tools.

Beginner Cocktail Basics

Learn how to pick the ultimate essential ingredients and supplies for stocking your home bar.

hot drink recipes
Breakfast Drinks

Start your day with coffee, tea, and more of your favorite breakfast drinks.

Our Best Hot Drinks

Whether it's hot cocoa or cider, our hot drinks will warm you up on any cool evening.

everything in drinks
  • Cocktail Basics

    Looking to become a bartending master? Look no further: Our cocktail basics will get you started.

  • Green Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

    Try our collection of tasty green-colored drinks for St. Patrick's Day or any other party.

  • Champagne Cocktail Recipes

    Bubbly champagne cocktails are not only delicious and refreshing, they're also easy-to-make drink recipes.

  • Hot Drink Recipes

    When cold weather hits, try warming up with one of these delicious winter beverages.

  • How to Make Easy Party Cocktails

    Impress your party guests by showing off your bartender skills with these easy party drinks.

  • Valentine's Day Drinks

    Chocolate martinis, champagne cocktails, and our other delicious sippers are perfect for Valentine's Day.

  • Easy Iced Coffee and Tea Drinks

    Enjoy a fresh twist on these classic drink recipes with a flavor-infused iced tea or coffee.

  • Fresh and Fruity Sangria Recipes

    Put your own spin on this popular Spanish drink with fun mix-ins, such as limoncello and blackberry syrup.

  • Rainbow Drink Recipes

    We've collected some of our favorite rainbow drink recipes for you to try, from red sangria to sunny margaritas.

  • Classic Cocktails

    With top-notch ingredients and simple techniques, these classic drink recipes are easy to make any time.

  • Tasty Breakfast Drinks: Coffee, Tea, and Smoothies

    Start your day off right with these delicious coffeehouse-worthy drink recipes.

  • Bar Guide to Mixed Drinks

    Get our tips and tricks to making the best drink recipes at your next party.

  • Margaritas

    Learn how to make the perfect margarita from scratch using our foolproof drink recipe.

  • Our Best Mocktail Recipes

    Instead of serving juice or cola at your next party, fill your guests' glasses with our mocktail drink recipes.

  • Refreshing Smoothie Recipes

    These smoothies have it all: wonderful flavors, servings of fruit, and cool refreshment.

  • Warm and Wonderful Slow Cooker Drinks

    These cozy slow cooker drink recipes are the perfect answer when there's a chill in the air and guests at the door.

  • 25 Refreshing Summer Drinks

    Beat the heat with these cool summer drinks, such as blended fruit drinks and creative twists on classic lemonade.

  • How to Pair Beer and Food

    Get our free tips for successfully pairing beer with food for any get-together.

  • Festive and Fun Holiday Drinks

    Serve guests one of these fabulous drinks or cocktails for a festive start to any holiday get-together.

  • Tea

    Whatever your fancy -- hot tea or iced -- we have refreshing drink recipes plus advice for throwing a tea party.

  • Cocktails

    Better Homes and Gardens provides the insight and recipes to make your next cocktail party a big success.

  • Chocolate Drinks

    Chocolate makes the perfect sipper -- enjoy malts, shakes, floats, martinis, and, of course, hot chocolate.

  • Seasonal Drinks

    We deliver the best seasonal drinks with fruits, herbs, and spices for smoothies, sangria, lemonade, and more.

  • Fruit Drinks

    Smoothies, punch, sangria, lemonade, and cider add up to a delicious collection of hot and cold fruit drinks.

  • Shakes and Floats

    Surprise your family with a scrumptious homemade ice cream shake or float to take a bite out of the summer heat.

  • Smoothies

    When you want a yummy, satisfying snack, our fruity, green, or protein-packed smoothies will fill the bill.

  • Coffee

    Don't do drive-through for your favorite cup of coffee. We have tips and recipes for brewing your next cup at home.

  • Quick Cooking School: How to Make Drinks

    It's easy to make hot chocolate, eggnog, lemonade, smoothies, and other drinks for family and friends.

  • Cheers for Beers!

    It's just not a party without a glass of beer in hand. We'll help you choose the right one for your next big bash.

  • Keeping Beverages Ice Cold

    We share our secrets to keeping your punch ice cold just in time for your next casual party or formal gathering.


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