NEW Recipes from the August Issue

It's time to take it outside. We're sharing recipes that are best served al fresco with friends. Salute summer, from drinks to dessert, with the latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

This all-time favorite dessert is offers instant nostalgia (remember Grandma making them?). Bring them into your own kitchen with our incredible easy steps.

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Dishes Made Better by Potato Chips

I chip, you chip, we chip. Our love affair with America's favorite snack goes well beyond the bag. We're sharing dishes that were made better (way better) by potato chips.

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Dress Up a Dessert in 8 Seconds (or Less!)

Make any dessert recipe worthy of a party with these easy ideas to dress them up. Each dessert idea can be done within 8 seconds!

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Canning Basics

Enjoy your favorite produce year-round by canning it. We'll walk you through how to can foods safely with less mess.

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How to Mail Cookies

Send your famous cookie recipe to loved ones anywhere! See how to pack cookies so they won't crumble and other tips for how to mail cookies.

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DIY Drink Stations

Our favorite party trend? Creative DIY drink stations that let party-goers play mixologist. We're sharing our favorite beverage stations, including an infused vodka station, a mojito station, and more. Once you set out the listed supplies, you're all ready to party!

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20 Fresh and Light Dinner Recipes

From salads to pasta dishes, we've compiled a list of our favorite easy and light dinner recipes that take 30 minutes or less to help you enjoy the season.


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    • Grilled Turkey Gyros

      Lighten up traditional gyros and fill whole wheat pita rounds with grilled turkey patties, bright tomatoes, and a homemade cucumber-yogurt sauce. You'll get all the taste of the classic Greek wrap while cutting the fat, sodium, and calories.

    • California Tuna Parmesan

      Try a juicy tuna steak on a bed of crisp-tender asparagus and mixed baby greens. A drizzle of simple lemon juice and olive oil and a sprinkling of shaved Parmesan cheese complete this fast and fresh dinner.

    • Turkey Burgers with Peaches and Blueberries

      Add a touch of sweetness to your grilled turkey burger with fresh seasonal fruits, such as sliced peaches and blueberries. Seasoned with spicy chili powder and served on garlic bread, this easy burger recipe is sure to wow your dinner guests. 

    • Shrimp and Asparagus Salad

      Fresh asparagus spears and shrimp add heartiness to a simple watercress salad. Top with your favorite bottled light raspberry vinaigrette for a meal that's ready to eat in just 15 minutes.

    • Salmon-Potato Cakes

      Ready in less than 30 minutes, these irresistible salmon cakes bring new flavors to an old favorite. Mixing in savory-seasoned mashed potatoes provides an unexpected creamy texture.

    • How to Make Orange-Simmered Pork Chops with Mango Relish

      Want to learn how to incorporate fresh fruit into a tasty dinner? Our Orange-Simmered Pork Chops with Mango Relish make a delicious and easy meal.

    • Rice and Bean Frittata

      Step outside the usual breakfast-for-dinner routine and try our protein-packed rice and bean frittata. Filled with seasonal ingredients—zucchini, summer squash, and cherry tomatoes—this egg dish makes a quick and satisfying meal any night of the week.

    • Skillet Vegetables on Cheese Toast

      Layers of garlicky cooked carrots and mushrooms balance the creaminess of the goat cheese spread in this hearty open-face veggie sandwich. Plus, this simple meal comes together in just 30 minutes.

    • Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad

      This bright and beautiful chicken salad is loaded with tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese. Even better, it can be ready in just 20 minutes and is chock-full of healthful nutrients.

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      Pizza Primavera

      Flatbread pizza gets a fresh update when covered with fresh asparagus, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. This easy vegetarian dish is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner.

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      Cumin-Crusted Veggie Burgers with Pineapple Salsa

      Want a meal that's delicious but won't take forever to make? Look no further. This unique veggie burger is topped with a fresh pineapple salsa and takes just 20 minutes to prepare.

    • How to Make Ramen Noodle Salad
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      How to Make Ramen Noodle Salad

      In this tasty potluck go-to, ramen noodles and chopped almonds mingle with veggies and a homemade dressing. Watch to learn our secret to the perfect ramen noodle salad.

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      Avocado and Blood Orange Salad with Almonds and Chile Oil

      Add color and flavor to a simple arugula salad with blood oranges, avocados, and a red pepper-infused olive oil dressing. Top with toasted almonds for a little crunch.

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      Spicy Shrimp Pasta

      Busy night? For a quick meal, add shrimp, jalapeno peppers, and cherry tomatoes to a simple pasta dish for extra heartiness and spicy flavor. This meal takes just 30 minutes to prepare.

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      Spicy Brazilian Turkey Soup

      Colorful and satisfying, this one-dish meal cuts calories without sacrificing flavor. Tomatoes, turkey, and fresh spices such as garlic, chile pepper, and ginger make this spicy soup shine.

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      Iceberg Wedge Salad with Bacon, Carrots, and Radishes

      Add a savory crunch to this lettuce-wedge salad with crispy bacon, carrots, and radishes. Top with our simple garlicky dressing for a light dinner salad your guests won't be able to resist.

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      Pork Chops and Squash

      Chopped orange slices brighten the simple salsa that tops our tender grilled pork chops. Served on a bed of grilled summer squash, this recipe uses just a handful of ingredients, keeping your dinner quick and easy.

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      Basil, Chicken, and Tomatoes

      Jump-start dinner with store-bought rotisserie chicken purchased from your supermarket deli. Fresh ingredients—sliced tomatoes, avocado, and basil—finish this quick and easy, light dinner.

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      Veggie Grilled Cheese

      Take a break from traditional grilled cheese and try it with fresh spinach, pickled veggies, and fresh mozzarella. The garlic and mozzarella cheese give this classic sandwich Italian flair.

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