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10 Surprising Things to Do with Tomatoes

You say "to-MAH-to," I say "to-MAY-to," but there's no calling off these ridiculously red recipes featuring 10 crazy, fun, and incredibly tasty new ways to serve up tomatoes.


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    • Delightfully Surprising Tomato Recipes

      Tomatoes just got tastier. Put 'em in pie, stuff 'em with salad, and grill 'em beside burgers. Here are 10 ways to add a little red to your dinner plate.

    • #1: Rethink Pie

      That's right, we said pie. One piecrust, cream cheese, crispy bacon, and cherry-tomato-bursting-in-your-mouth bite, and you won't settle for a boring BLT sandwich ever again.

    • #2: Try Homemade Jam

      Bring on the tomato-basil jam. A refreshing medley of sweet and tangy does wonders slathered over lightly toasted bread and a dab of fresh mozzarella. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

    • #3: Make a Margarita

      We've taken two classic cocktails and combined them. With the tomato base of a bloody mary and the tequila kick of a margarita, the results are just as good as you'd drink -- er, think.

    • #4: Add Dried Tomatoes to Pastries

      Let's not forget about dried tomatoes. These tangy bits are added to an herb and bacon scone for a change of pastry pace. Balance out the rich flavors with bitter coffee, or enjoy these savory morsels solo. 

    • #5: Toss a Lettuce-less Salad

      Salad doesn't have to mean a bed of lettuce. It could mean a colorful and enticing blend of tomatoes drizzled in a sweet-and-tangy sauce tossed with bits of red onion, for example.

    • #6: Stuff with Egg Salad

      We didn't think egg salad could get much better, but then we stuffed it into roma tomatoes. Between the crunchy bits of cucumber and tasty tomato juices, we stand corrected.

    • #7: Poach Eggs on Top

      This pretty skillet dish is a cinch to make. A quick combination of olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and red pepper makes a perfect bed for poaching eggs. Simmer together and serve over toast for a meal fit for an Italian king.

    • #8: Twist Dried Tomatoes into Breadsticks

      Dried tomatoes add a zip of sweet-tart flavor to otherwise savory breadsticks. The tender texture of these Parmesan-sprinkled twists is perfect paired with soups and salads or simply by themselves.

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      #9: Mix with Mint

      Mint may not seem like a logical pairing for tomatoes, but the results are impossible to dispute. Spoon the garlic, mint, and tomato trio over toasted bread and goat cheese for a warm side dish full of fresh flavor.

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      #10: Grill Them

      Sliced tomatoes are common on top of burgers -- so make things interesting and serve tomatoes whole instead. Take one bite and let the warm, juicy pop of a grilled cherry tomato speak for itself.

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