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10 Surprising Things to Do with Puff Pastry

It's a go-to favorite of bakers in a hurry, but you'd be surprised by how many things turn out perfectly with puff pastry. In chicken pot pie, breadsticks, savory vegetable tarts, and more, puff pastry proves it's not just for desserts (but don't worry, we've included those, too!).


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    • Puff Pastry, Perfected

      Unroll a puff pastry and prepare a side dish, entree, and (of course) a dessert that starts from the humble pantry staple. Here's some recipe inspiration.

    • #1: Sub for Pizza Crust

      If family pizza night has gone from celebrations to snores, here's a delicious stand-in: puff pastry. Load it up with fresh vegetables and mozzerella cheese, and it's a tart worthy of a weeknight.

    • #2: Change Up a Cobbler

      It's cobbler, deconstructed. A puff pastry twist plays nicely beside fruit instead of on top of it.

      Puff Pastry Tip: Make a big batch of the pastry twists ahead, and freeze them for up to 2 months.

    • #3: Speed Up Pot Pie

      Go for speed -- shave at least 30 minutes off your next pot pie thanks to your new friend, puff pastry.

    • #4: Wrap Around Dessert

      Here, puff pastry plays second fiddle to a cardamon-infused poached pear -- everyone knows the fruit is still the part eliciting the oohs and aahs.

    • #5: Enclose Appetizers

      Shh! No one has to know that your light-as-air hand pie is puff pastry, not from-scratch dough. Stuff with spicy sausage, sweet pepper, and queso fresco, and your fiesta is on!

    • #6: Encase the Main Dish

      No longer relegated to a basket, the bread course takes the main-dish spot with puff pastry. Just cook your beef tenderloin inside its warm embrace, and dinner is served.

    • #7: Try with Pie

      Double-crust pie has a new meaning -- one traditional crust and half of a puff pastry sheet sandwich the gorgeous apples, pears, and cranberries waiting to be discovered.

    • #8: Improve the Cheese Course

      Three-ingredient cheese puffs make you look like a fancy chef on a shoestring budget.

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      #9: Make a Slab Pie

      Skip the circular pie plate -- puff pastry prefers to be square (well, rectangular). Wrap a medley of berries inside a sheet and bake for an incredible slab pie.

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      #10: Twist into Sticks

      Puff pastry sheets just beg for a good twist. Give them the honor -- with the addition of paprika and sesame seeds -- in these masterpiece breadsticks.

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