10 Surprising Things to Do with Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the most popular superfoods out there -- it's delicious, low in fat, and packed full of protein! So it's time to get creative and start thinking outside of the carton: These 10 recipes prove Greek yogurt isn't just for breakfast.

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  • Greek Yogurt, Beyond Snacking!

    Doll-up (instead of dollop) Greek yogurt by making it the star of a fabulous recipe. Here are 10 favorites!

  • #1: Frost Cupcakes

    Surprising Use: Use sweetened Greek yogurt as a healthy alternative to high-calorie frosting.

    About the Recipe: These cupcakes are both good for you and good to eat! Zucchini, quinoa, and Greek yogurt add protein and fiber, while brown sugar and cinnamon add sweet flavor.

  • #2: Swap for High-Fat Condiments

    Surprising Use: Instead of dunking your drumsticks in high-fat ranch dressing or sugary ketchup, use a Greek yogurt-base sauce instead.

    About the Recipe: Moroccan spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, and garlic mean these grilled drumsticks are full of exotic flavor; temper the heat with this Greek yogurt-base cucmuber-feta sauce.

  • #3: Cut Calories from Pasta Salad

    Surprising Use: Switch out traditional mayonnaise or other high-fat ingredients in pasta salads for Greek yogurt instead.

    About the Recipe: A mix of pasta and veggies (cucumber, tomatoes, and sweet pepper) comes together to make the perfect Greek yogurt-enhanced Mediterranean pasta salad recipe.

  • #4: Punch Up Protein in a Simple Dessert

    Surprising Use: Upgrade your fro-yo by using protein-packed Greek yogurt instead of the original.

    About the Recipe: Turn to your ice cream maker to create a frozen treat you won't be able to get enough of. Our favorite mix-ins: fresh fruit, chocolate, and granola.

  • #5: Coat Chicken Before Baking

    Surprising Use: Before coating chicken breast with a breading mixture, dip it in Greek yogurt to add juiciness (and to ensure the coating stays on!).

    About the Recipe: The mix of tangy yogurt and savory cornflake breading adds delicious flavor to a simple chicken dinner. Don't forget the homemade tomato gravy!

  • #6: Top a Homemade Cheesecake

    Surprising Use: Greek yogurt mixed with distinctive flavors adds an unexpected dreamy layer to cheesecake.

    About the Recipe: Sugary-sweet maple syrup and a nutty walnut crust amp up our cheesecake recipe made with mascarpone and Greek yogurt.

  • #7: Add Creaminess to Salad Dressing

    Surprising Use: Mild and creamy Greek yogurt makes a rich, healthy, and flavor-packed addition to any salad dressing.

    About the Recipe: Arugula is topped with sliced roasted beets, goat cheese, and yogurt-thyme dressing in this healthy side salad.

  • #8: Spread over Cornflakes for a Delicious Chilled Tart

    Surprising Use: Transform plain Greek yogurt into a bright and zesty dessert with a crunchy cornflake crust and slices of citrus fruit.

    About the Recipe: This rich and velvety tart makes a delicious addition to any breakfast or brunch, or as an after-dinner treat!

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    #9: Thicken a Creamy Casserole

    Surprising Use: Add Greek yogurt to your favorite casserole as an easy, healthful way to hold the ingredients together.

    About the Recipe: Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and pita chips turn this whole grain, creamy casserole into a Greek-inspired dinner favorite.

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    #10: Sweeten a Fruity Dessert

    Surprising Use: Greek yogurt mixed with honey makes these whole wheat shortcakes dessert-worthy.

    About the Recipe: Dollop the tops of simple shortcake-nectarine stacks with a delicious honey-yogurt sauce to add a hint of sweetness to a fruity dessert.

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    More Surprising Things to Do with Greek Yogurt

    Looking for other ways to incorporate this power-packed ingredient in your cooking? Try these unexpected no-recipe ways to use Greek yogurt:

    - Marinate meat in a seasoned Greek yogurt mixture to add flavor and moisture while tenderizing your meat.

    - Stir a spoonful into your favorite soup or stew for added creaminess.

    - Substitute for sour cream in your favorite Tex-Mex dishes to balance their heat in a more healthful way.

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