Hot off the grill, these sweets reveal possibilities far beyond the s'mores you made at scout camp.

Candied Coffee Nut Sundaes

Candied Coffee Nut Sundaes You'll have to hide these spicy candied nuts after smoking them. They make tasty snacks all by themselves and may disappear before dessert time.


Peanut and Banana Cookie Pizza After grilling the hot dogs and burgers, why not make dessert on the grill too? This fun and easy party idea is a hit with kids of all ages.


Chocolate-Sauced Dessert Kabobs Flavor the chocolate sauce with a favorite extract or liqueur, if you wish. Store any remaining sauce, covered, in the refrigerator and use as an ice cream or brownie topping.


Grilled Blueberry-Rhubarb Crumble Keep your kitchen cool by baking this summertime fruit crumble outside on the grill.


Grilled Pears with Gianduja and Hazelnuts Gianduja (zhan-DOO-yah) is a creamy hazelnut-flavor chocolate from Switzerland. We've used the popular spread made from gianduja in this elegant dessert. Serve with purchased hazelnut or lemon shortbread cookies.


Caramel Apple Slices Like a caramel apple pie without the pastry crust, this dessert is best served warm, topped with ice cream, in big bowls.


Grilled Fruit Crisp Use ripe, fragrant peaches for intense peach flavor. If none at your market are sweet, substitute frozen or drained canned peaches.



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