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How to Layer a Trifle

We'll show you, layer by layer, how to make an easy trifle that's delicious for any holiday or occasion.


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    • Container Choices

      To show off the layers of cake, berries, and custard, a straight-sided glass dish is best. If you do not have a trifle dish, get creative. Use a clear glass bowl or cookie jar. Or make individual trifles in wine glasses, tumblers, or jam jars.

    • Layer 1: Start with a Sauce

      Spread the sauce in the bottom of the dish. For this trifle a creamy Lemon-White Chocolate Sauce made with eggs, cream, white chocolate, and lemon juice is the bottom layer.

    • Layer 2: Top with Crumbled Cake

      A dense spicy gingerbread is torn and evenly distributed over the Lemon-White Chocolate Sauce in this trifle. Other options for the cake layer are crumble cookies, lady fingers, brownies, or sweet corn bread.

    • Layer 3: Spoon on more Sauce

      Another layer of sauce ensures that the cake layer will absorb all the rich flavor of the creamy Lemon-White Chocolate Sauce.

    • Layer 4: Add Fruit

      For color and flavor, top the trifle with a sweet fruit compote. For this Christmas trifle, tart cranberries are cooked in sugar until syrupy and paired with sweet strawberries.

    • Layer 5: Finish with Whipped Cream

      For the final layer, a dollop of whipped cream adds extra richness to the dessert. For a boost of flavor and for a bit of flare, candied ginger strips are sprinkled over the whipped cream. Serve the trifle right away, or refrigerate until ready to serve (up to overnight).

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