Our Best Custard and Creme Brulee Recipes

Creme brulee and custard recipes start with basic ingredients -- milk and eggs -- and take on a variety of delicious flavors. "Creme brulee" translates as "burnt creme," a distinction earned from its caramelized sugar topping, which contrasts with the creamy custard hidden underneath. So choose your favorite flavor to add (think caramel, chocolate, berry, or vanilla), and bake a delicious custard tonight.

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    Maple Creme Brulee with Hazelnuts

    Intensely flavored toasted hazelnuts give the maple-infused creme brulees a scrumptiously nutty crunch.

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    Almond Panna Cotta with Mocha Sauce

    Using a combination of milk and cream makes a panna cotta that is rich but not too heavy. Homemade almond butter and chocolaty mocha sauce give this classic custard recipe a modern twist.

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    Salted Caramel Pots de Creme

    A little bit of salt offsets the sweetness of baked caramel custard for a balanced dessert.

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    Dark Chocolate Flan

    This dessert has all the characteristics you look for in flan -- satiny-smooth texture, rich caramel topping, and a touch of cinnamon. Edible gold leaf, available at specialty food stores, gives it a fancy finish.

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    Coeurs a la Creme with Apricot Sauce

    Translating to "hearts with cream," these traditional French desserts are made by forming marscapone cheese and whipped cream into a heart-shape mold. You can make the apricot sauce while the hearts chill.

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    Mocha Custards

    Try the rich blend of cocoa and coffee for a custard dessert recipe that satisfies any sweet tooth.

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    Vanilla Flan with Butterscotch Sauce

    It's hard to believe such a simple recipe could be packed so full of flavor. Vanilla-infused cream adds richness, while dark brown sugar melts into a divine caramel sauce.

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    Baked Raspberry Custards

    This dreamy custard features vanilla bean and tangy-but-sweet fresh raspberries. It's a great dessert recipe to make when raspberries are in peak season, from May to September.

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    Banana-Caramel Custard

    This classic baked custard recipe with a caramel topping is luxuriously rich and smooth. The addition of cinnamon-spiced sauteed bananas lightens up this dessert.

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    Double-Deck Pot de Creme

    This elegant custard recipe pairs dark and white chocolate for twice the delicious flavor. The layers need to set separately, so allow for extra cooling time.

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    Caramel Flans

    To create the rivers of caramel that spill over these baked flans, add caramelized sugar to the dishes before the custard.

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    Pumpkin Creme Caramel

    The silky texture and subtle flavor of pumpkin is a fantastic addition to these heavenly caramel custards. Orange zest gives the creme caramels a hint of citrus.

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    Tiny Vanilla Creme Brulee

    Following an ample meal, just a few bites of dessert will do. These petite custards, flecked with vanilla bean seeds, fill the bill perfectly.

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    Oaxacan Coconut Flan

    Coconut inside and out -- along with a splash of rum -- elevates always-popular flan to special-dinner status. The addition of allspice adds a warm touch to this Mexican dessert.

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    Chocolate-Ancho Creme Brulee

    Surprise dinner guests with this Mexican-style creme brulee recipe. The unique and tasty dessert features bittersweet chocolate, cinnamon, and mild-but-smoky ancho chile pepper.

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