Irresistible Ice Cream Treats

From creamy lemon ice cream topped with homemade blueberry sauce to peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwiches, these cool treats are the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

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Banana-Butter Pecan Ice Cream
Banana-Butter Pecan Ice Cream

    Brown sugar, toasted pecans, and sweet bananas give this velvety ice cream its homemade flavor.

Melon-Fresh Herb Sorbet

    Mix and match melon and herb flavors to suit your taste -- or use what's popping up in the garden or at the farmer's market. Some compatible combinations: cantaloupe-sage, honeydew-lavender, and watermelon-mint-basil.

Sangria Peach Compote with Ice Cream

    "I use affordable, everyday wine for this sangria-inspired peach compote," says Food Network star Ted Allen. "Spoon it, fruit and all, over ice cream, and it's dessert."

Chocolate-Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Fill these decadent chocolate cookie sandwiches with marshmallow crème and Twix bar ice cream.

Ice Cream Pops

    These frozen ice cream balls from pastry chef Gale Gand are the perfect two-bite treat.

Bananas Foster Gelato

    We've put a summer spin on a time-honored dessert recipe. Serve it with fresh banana slices and warm caramel sauce.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Rich chocolate ice cream is coated with toasted hazelnuts and sandwiched between chocolate wafer cookies covered in a chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Neapolitan Sundaes

    For a new take on classic sundaes, arrange slices of Neapolitan ice cream with crispy cinnamon-spiced crepes.

Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Make this summer treat by filling cinnamon sugar cookies with coconut ice cream and then rolling the edges in crushed cornflakes.

Raspberry-Nut Sundaes

    A warm mixture of brown sugar, butter, fresh raspberries, and nuts tops creamy vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce

    Homemade blueberry sauce makes this creamy lemon ice cream even more irresistible. Serve it as a sweet ending to a casual outdoor get-together.

Mandarins and Ice Cream Cake

    In this sophisticated twist on classic ice cream cake, layers of vanilla ice cream, mascarpone, and orange sherbet top a spiced biscotti-crumb crust.

Tasty Trios

    For a dessert buffet, try this assortment of mini sundaes. Our recipes, featuring fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream, popcorn with mango ice cream, and fresh pears with vanilla ice cream and ginger, appeal to a range of tastes.

Mint Ice Cream Waffle Sundaes

    This pretty dessert is just right if you're on the go -- and it takes just five minutes to make. Simply fill waffle cones with mint ice cream and top with fudge and fresh berries.

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Torte

    Layers of shortbread, dulce de leche ice cream (which has a light caramel flavor), pineapple topping, and salted cashews create an indulgent treat.

Tarragon Ice

    Garden-fresh tarragon brightens lemon ice -- and adds a pretty, party-worthy twist that's just right for a summer get-together.

Chocolate Toffee Crunch Ice Cream

    Jazz up creamy homemade ice cream by mixing in chocolate-covered toffee pieces before freezing. Not a fan of chocolate? Try it with vanilla or raspberry ice cream instead.

PB&J Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Layer creamy vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam on peanut butter cookies and freeze. Save time by making the sandwiches with store-bought peanut butter cookies.

Toasted S'More Snowballs

    For a different take on this campfire favorite, top graham cracker squares with chocolate ice cream covered in piped frosting. Bake for three to four minutes until the frosting is golden brown.

Ultimate Chocolate Sundaes

    For an easy, elegant dessert, top homemade or store-bought ice cream with fresh pear slices and bittersweet chocolate sauce.

Tropical Treat Sandwiches

    These delicious ice cream sandwiches feature lots of fruity flavors -- watermelon, orange, cherry, pineapple, and banana -- but they're effortless to make. Simply freeze slices of rainbow sherbet between store-bought or homemade sugar cookies.

Mint Ice Cream

    Mint adds garden freshness to creamy homemade vanilla ice cream. Add a few grains of salt to the cream mixture before freezing -- it enhances the ice cream's sweetness.

Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Two favorites -- ice cream and cupcakes -- combine to make the ultimate dessert. Pair chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cupcakes; top it off with tangy raspberry jam and chopped pecans.

Homemade Peaches 'n' Cream Ice Cream

    Cream cheese makes this ice cream extra creamy -- and it has a slight tang that helps balance the sweetness of the peaches.

Banana Split Trifles

    Crumbled chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies add a surprise to this banana spilt variation. Hot fudge, fresh banana slices, and strawberry preserves top if off.

Taffy Apple Ice Cream

    Tart apples and warm caramel sauce top this creamy homemade ice cream that gets a light, caramel flavor from a mixture of brown sugar and molasses.

So-Good Gelato

    This recipe shows you how to make six different flavors -- blackberry, amaretti, chocolate-pistachio, espresso, coconut, and cinnamon -- of this traditional Italian dessert. Serve it with almond biscotti.

Rhubarb-Berry Ice Cream

    The secret behind this fruity dessert's creaminess? Melted marshmallow stirred into the ice cream mixture before freezing.

Pear-Ginger Ice Cream

    This flavor pairing freezes into a rich and creamy ice cream that's hard to beat. For a pretty garnish, top each dish with a chocolate-dipped waffle cone wedge and coarse sugar before serving.

Old-Fashioned Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    The vanilla ice cream you loved as a kid is so simple to make at home -- our simple recipe requires just four ingredients.

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