Healthy Ice Cream & Frozen Treat Recipes

There's nothing like hot summer days and evenings--lounging on a lawn chair, splashing in the pool, or grilling with the neighbors--to make you crave a chilly treat. Try one of these sweet ice cream, sorbet, and smoothie recipes to help you cool off.

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Fat-Free Watermelon Sherbet

    This icy, delicious dessert takes just four ingredients -- watermelon, sugar, gelatin, and cranberry juice -- and costs 27 cents per serving to make.

Cherry-Berry Ice Cream

    Scoop up this passionate pink confection for a summer treat no one will turn down. Make a double batch; you'll want seconds after indulging in this lovely, low-fat dessert.

Meyer Lemon Sorbet

    Enjoy a chilled take on our favorite summer drink ? lemonade- with this low-fat lemon sorbet.

    Tip: Add a little soda water to a scoop of sorbet and enjoy an instant frothy lemonade.

Tropical Fruit Pops

    Experience a bit of paradise in your own backyard: Enjoy these refreshing, nutritious popsicles for just 34 calories per serving.

Chocolate Sherbet

    Dark chocolate contains naturally occurring serotonin and dopamine, the "feel good" hormones. So enjoy a bowl of this creamy thrill, and feel great about 151 calories per serving.

Mango Freeze

    This fruity drink is high in cardio-helpful potassium and has no added sugar ? just a touch of honey.

Frozen Chocolate-Banana Bites

    Bite-size banana pieces delight the young while dark chocolate helps keep you young-at-heart by keeping blood vessels clear.

Honey-Apricot Frozen Yogurt

    Guilt-free indulgence! Apricots contain the highest levels and widest variety of carotenoids, a special type of antioxidant that lowers bad cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease.

    Tip: Purchase apricots that have no touch of green. Once ripened, the fruit lasts 3 days in the refrigerator and up to 3 months in the freezer.

Blueberry Smoothies

    Sip this dessert to feel anything but blue. Blueberries provide a dose of fiber and powerful antioxidants. Best of all, this treat is only 117 calories for a generous, 8-ounce serving.

Tea-and-Lemongrass Sorbet

    The light, crisp flavor of lemongrass elevates this cool treat above lemonade on a hot summer day. An aromatic herb, lemongrass is commonly used to aid digestion.

    Tip: Lemongrass can be found in Asian or Mexican grocery stores. Substitute the zest of one lemon for two small lemongrass stalks.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

    If you miss your cold-weather excuse for drinking hot chocolate, don't pine away the summer a minute longer. Now relish your favorite chocolate beverage poolside -- instead of fireside.

    Tip: Dutch-pressed cocoa powder has a mild flavor and dissolves well in liquids.

Easy-Freezy Sorbet

    All the flavor, none of the fat. This fancy sorbet has zero saturated fat, and takes 10 minutes to make. No wonder we named it "easy-freezy".

Sorbet Melon Parfaits

    Champagne isn't just for weddings. At only 136 calories per serving, you'll find every reason to celebrate summer with this bubbly melon dessert.

Banana Crunch Pops

    This delicious version of monkey tails is so tasty, you'll never miss the chocolate. Satisfy your craving for crunch with its crispy granola shell.

Pomegranate Smoothies

    Tart, crimson juice is offset by sweet honey in an antioxidant-packed sipper.

    Tip: Pomegranate juice is available in the produce section of most supermarkets.

Watermelon-Limeade Cooler

    Chill out in the hammock with this tangy refresher. Watermelon isn't common in beverages, but it's a wonderful way to use up leftovers from your family picnic.

Summer Fruit Shake

    Spend the morning picking out blueberries, then whip up this exceptional shake for a mid-morning snack. Fat-free milk reduces the calorie count by 50-70 calories over whole milk.

    Tip: Instead of honey, use a bit of ripe banana to sweeten the shake.

Citrus Granita

    A bit of lead time for freezing, five ingredients, and a warm summer day are all you need to enjoy this 113-calorie treat!

Black Cherry Sorbet

    Sparkling fruit juice and fresh or frozen dark sweet cherries are at the heart of this breezy sorbet. You won't need an ice- cream maker, but you will need a food processor and an electric mixer to make it.

Kiwi Melon Cooler

    Whip together a thick, satisfying fruit smoothie that's light on calories but high in flavor thanks to kiwifruit, honeydew, and apple juice.

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