Our Best Custard & Creme Brulee Recipes

Each of these custard and creme brulee recipes is so simple to make at home -- and so hard to resist.

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Maple Creme Brulee with Hazelnuts
Maple Creme Brulee with Hazelnuts

    Intensely flavored toasted hazelnuts give the creme brulees a scrumptiously nutty crunch.

Ginger Creme Brulee

    These spiced creme brulees boast chewy crystallized ginger, creating a wonderful contrast of textures.

Graham Custards

    Chock-full of creamy richness, these custards are a surefire crowd pleaser. Marshmallows give the treats an airy texture that differs from other custards.

Dark Chocolate Flan

    This dessert has all the characteristics you look for in flan -- satiny smooth texture, rich caramel topping, and a touch of cinnamon. Edible gold leaf, available at specialty food stores, gives it a fancy finish.

Pumpkin Creme Caramel

    The silky texture and subtle flavor of pumpkin is a fantastic addition to these heavenly custards that ooze with caramelly goodness. Orange zest gives the creme caramels a citrusy nuance.

Maple Ricotta Flans

    Flan -- the famous baked custard -- is usually prepared with cream and coated with caramel. This tasty version calls for ricotta cheese instead of cream and maple syrup in place of the caramel. A leaf-shape cookie makes a beautifully crunchy garnish.

Baked Raspberry Custards

    This dreamy dessert features charming flecks of aromatic vanilla bean and tangy-but-sweet fresh raspberries. It's a great dessert to make when raspberries are in their peak season, from May to September.

Banana Caramel Custard

    This classic baked custard with a caramel topping is luxuriously rich and smooth as can be. The extraordinary addition of cinnamon-spiced sauteed bananas gives it a sweet edge.

Oaxacan Coconut Flan

    Coconut inside and out -- along with a tipple of rum -- elevates the always-popular flan to spectacular-dessert status. The addition of allspice adds a warm touch to this Mexican dessert.

Creme Bru-Latte

    Now you can enjoy your morning coffee in the form of silky smooth creme brulee. Bake these little desserts in oven-safe coffee mugs or teacups for a beautiful presentation.

Vanilla Flan with Butterscotch Sauce

    It's hard to believe such a simple recipe could be packed so full of flavor. Vanilla-infused cream adds richness, while dark brown sugar melts into a divine caramel sauce over top.

Chocolate-Ancho Creme Brulee

    Surprise dinner guests with this Mexican-style take on creme brulee. The spectacularly unique dessert features bittersweet chocolate, cinnamon, and mild-but-smoky ancho chile pepper.

Tiny Vanilla Creme Brulee

    Following an ample meal, just a few bites of dessert will do. These petite pleasures -- lovingly flecked with vanilla bean seeds -- fill the bill perfectly.

Caramel Flans

    To create the luscious rivers of caramel that spill over these flans when they are unmolded, add caramelized sugar to the dishes before the custard.

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