The Best Baking Tips We've Ever Published

It's time to polish that Best Baker on the Block trophy, because these no-fail tips will take your baking to the next level.

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Bloody Mary Recipes

Whip up an amazing Bloody Mary recipe from our wide selection of beverages featuring variations made with vodka, tequila, and even beer. Plus, we throw in ideas for unique drink garnishes, along with our best tips for hosting a cocktail party. Cheers!

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All-Time Favorite Christmas Cookies

It's simple: These very merry Christmas cookie recipes are favorites that you'll want to save, hand down, and make again and again. We've got all the classics, including sugar cookie recipes, Christmas spritz cookies, and spiced gingerbread recipes. Try one of our cookie recipes to share this Christmas!

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60-Minute (and Under) Dinner Rolls

One of the most time-consuming parts of any holiday meal: making the dinner rolls. With the time it takes to prepare the dough, wait for it to rise, and bake, traditional dinner roll recipes can be an all-day affair! Making dinner rolls doesn't have to take all day, though. Whether you make them from scratch or start with a little extra help, you can make delicious dinner rolls in just one hour. So, make preparing your holiday dinner a little easier with these eight quick dinner roll recipes that are all ready in 60 minutes or less!

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Snowman Jars You Can Make in Bulk for Christmas Gifting

Add a frosty flare to your mason jars with this holiday craft that you can make for anyone on your gift list.

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Healthy Italian Desserts

Bring the artful dessert recipes of Italy to your table for fewer than 200 calories! We swapped in lower-fat ingredients, added nutrition-rich fruits, and determined proper portions to bring you healthy recipes for Italian desserts. Including creamy gelato, homemade biscotti, cookies, and more, there's a healthy Italian dessert recipe that fits your sensible eating plan.


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    • Chocolate Ravioli

      Crisp on the outside and lush on the inside, these golden wontons mimic Italy's iconic ravioli noodle and feature a heavenly cream cheese-chocolate filling. Drizzle with sugar-free caramel and top with sliced almonds for a gourmet finish.

    • Spiced Zinfandel Granita with Grapes and Cream

      Granita, an icy Sicilian dessert, is made simply with sugar and water. Our twist features red wine, fresh OJ, and cinnamon. Top this fat-free dessert recipe with juicy grapes for a boost of vitamins.

    • Pistachio-Fruit Biscotti

      Biscotti, meaning twice-baked biscuit, originated in Prato and remains Italy’s favorite dipping cookie. Our fruity version is made with lightly salted pistachio nuts, golden raisins, and dried apricots. We recommend dunking the sweet-and-savory cookie in a steamy cup of joe.

    • Italian Cornmeal-Apricot Cookies

      These little gems are a spinoff of Zaletti -- a cornmeal cookie found in almost every Venice bakery. Normally made with raisins, we studded them with dried apricots and a hearty handful of pine nuts. With only 99 calories per cookie, what's not to love?

    • Raspberry Tiramisu

      Ladyfingers, reduced-fat cream cheese, and fresh raspberries get a taste of Italy when drizzled in bold espresso and layered as tiramisu. Double or triple this 170-calorie dessert recipe to serve a larger group.

    • How to Make Tiramisu and Avoid Soggy Ladyfingers

      We'll show you how to make perfect tiramisu. The trick is in the chilling time.

    • Strawberry Granita

      Every glacial bite of this blushing granita is brimming with vitamin-packed strawberries and tart lemon juice. Serve the zero-fat, five-ingredient ice with a zippy spoonful of homespun lemon cream.

    • Italian Chocolate-Spice Cookies

      Italy's must-have spices -- cinnamon, cocoa, and cloves -- mingle perfectly in this cakelike cookie recipe. A strong cup of coffee provides a rich dose of caffeine, while chopped walnuts add healthy crunch.

    • Chocolate-Cherry Biscotti

      This chocolate-cherry biscotti gets rich chocolate flavor from low-cal cocoa powder and natural sweetness from tart cherries.

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      Almond-Tangerine Panna Cotta

      Panna cotta, a traditional Italian custard, is made by mixing yogurt, milk, sugar, and gelatin. We slimmed ours down using fat-free milk and Greek yogurt. Dress up the chilled dessert in a homemade pomegranate-tangerine sauce for only 151 calories.

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      White Chocolate, Cornmeal, and Almond Mini Biscotti

      Treat your morning brew to the finest of Italian cookies: biscotti. These 100-calorie cornmeal versions are baked with delicate almonds, snappy orange peel, and melty white chocolate. Freeze the golden goodies for up to three months.

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      Citrus Granita

      When it comes to beating the heat, Italians know best. Chill out with a sunny scoop of citrus granita featuring pulpy OJ, chopped lemons, and freshly squeezed lime juice. With only two spoonfuls of sugar, this treat lets naturally sweet fruit do all the talking.

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      Tuscan Ricciarelli-Style Cookies

      Ricciarelli, an Italian almond-base cookie, features pistachios, lemon, and fresh orange peel. Make its crackled surface stand out by dusting lightly with powdered sugar.

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      Walnut Crescents (Pressnitz)

      Take omega-3-packed walnuts to elegant heights in this sophisticated crescent dessert. Pair the crunchy nut with orange marmalade, cinnamon, and creamy ricotta cheese, then bake in a puffy, golden pastry.

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      Lacy Florentines

      These delicate, candylike cookies are first cooked in a saucepan, then baked until golden and crispy. Drizzle them in rich chocolate before nibbling alongside your espresso.

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      Italian Amaretti Cookies

      Amaretti, also known as the Italian macaron, gets its rich flavor from crunchy almonds and amaretto. At only 32 calories apiece, you can enjoy a couple of cookies guilt-free.

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      Berry-Mint Granita

      We can't get enough of granita! This lemon-fresh twist stars fresh raspberries and antioxidant-rich blueberries. Serve in chilled dishes to keep the light and sweet treat extra icy.

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      Tiramisu Ladyfingers

      One bite of these tiramisu ladyfingers will have you dreaming of cozy cafes in Italy. This take on the famous dessert sandwiches luscious tiramisu frosting between two liqueur-laced espresso cookies. Garnish with cocoa powder and chocolate-covered coffee beans.

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      Freezer-Friendly Holiday Cookies

      These Christmas cookies don't mind waiting around in the cold one bit. Get a leg up on holiday preparations by taking advantage of Christmas cookies' affinity for freezing. Each Santa-special treat can freeze for up to three months.
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