Scrumptious Oatmeal Cookies & Bars

From classic and comforting cookies to creative versions filled with fruit and chocolate, these oatmeal cookies and bars are surefire crowd-pleasers.

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Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal Cookies

    Jazz up these chewy classics with raisins, cherries, chopped nuts, and/or chocolate chips for extra bursts of flavor.

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies

    Pile fluffy marshmallow creme filling between two tender peanut butter-oatmeal cookies to get a delicious sandwich cookie with a mouthwatering mix of textures.

Loaded Oatmeal Cookies

    A bit of flaxseed stirred into the flour adds fiber to these hearty cookies while bits of dark chocolate, dried cranberries, and chopped nuts provide a mix of melty, chewy, and crunchy textures.

Spiced Oatmeal Shortbread Wedges

    Rolled oats give this warmly spiced shortbread a deliciously chewy texture. Sprinkle the top with toasted oats and coarse sugar before baking to make this dessert look extra special.

Chocolate Revel Bars

    Swirl chocolate and nuts in a hearty oatmeal batter to make bars that are a tantalizing mix of chewy and creamy.

German Chocolate Cookies

    Love German Chocolate Cake? This cookie is a smaller version of the double-chocolate bakery favorite, complete with pecans and shredded coconut topping.

Oatmeal-Caramel Bars

    Each bite of this delicious bar includes the sweetness of caramel and chocolate, the crunchiness of chopped nuts, and the goodness of rolled oats.

Cappuccino-Caramel Oat Bars

    Rolled oats give these coffee-and-caramel-flavor bars chewy texture. A pretty coffee glaze gives them a fancy pastry shop appearance.

Salty Oatmeal Jumbles

    Add crushed pretzels to the mix to give these oatmeal-raisin cookies a salty-sweet goodness with a little crunch.

Cranberry-Pear Bars

    A layer of cranberry filling infused with pear nectar adds sweet-tart flavor to these hearty nutmeg-spiced oat bars.

Caramel Chocolitas

    These delectable bar cookies boast a mixture of chocolate, caramels, and pecans mingled with a buttery oatmeal crust.

Oat 'n' Toffee Grahams

    This mouthwatering bar cookie begins with graham crackers topped with a sweet oatmeal batter and ends with a creamy topping of chocolate and chopped almonds.

Sour Cream and Raisin Bars

    Raisin pie fans will love this dessert's combination of sweet raisin filling spread between a buttery oatmeal crust and crumbly topping. For a change of pace, substitute dried apricots, cherries, or cranberries for the raisins.

Apple and Oats Biscotti

    Dried apples, candied pecans, and a touch of maple syrup give this dunkable oatmeal-laden dessert a fall-friendly flavor.

Chewy Cherry Almond Bars

    Sliced almonds add crunchy goodness to the hearty oat crust blanketing a layer of sweet cherry preserves.

Trilevel Brownies

    Three delicious layers of flavor -- chocolate frosting, fudgy brownie, and crumbly oatmeal crust -- make this bar cookie a winner.

Chocolate Carnutty Bars

    Creamy chocolate, salty peanuts, gooey caramel, and rolled oats turn a plain white cake mix into decadent bar cookies that taste like a candy bar. Earn rave reviews by serving them warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Buttery Oatmeal Crisps

    These thin, crispy cookies are dipped in chocolate after baking to make an exceptional dessert.

Ooey, Gooey, Chewy S'More Bars

    You don't need a campfire to get the delicious taste of s'mores. Just top a sweet oatmeal crust with mini marshmallows and chunks of chocolate, then bake until the lightly browned.

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