Cookies are a go-to dessert standby. We've got all varieties, all shapes, all sizes, and all flavors in this collection of cookies. If you've got a flavor favorite, we've got recipes for you to try: shortbread, peanut butter, raspberry, chocolate—you name it! If you don't want to turn on the oven, no problem: There are fantastic no-bake favorites that minimize fuss and maximize flavor. Bar cookies are great for feeding dessert to a crowd; use our step-by-step guide to get the perfect bar cookies every time. Baking cookies is simple to do, but there are many factors that can affect the final result. We'll help you test cookies for perfect doneness and give you cookie-cutting tips for shaped cookies. We'll also teach you how to find the best cookie sheet, as well as some hints on how to line a pan (and save yourself cleanup, too). Cookies are great for freezing and storing, and they're the perfect vehicle for experimenting with different types of sweeteners and flours. We've got advice for all of that here, too.

Recipe Quick Find

All About Cookies (Plus Recipes!)
Find a Dreamy Dessert

Love cookies and desserts? Find the just-right recipe for your tastes and time frame.

Testing Cookies for Doneness

Follow these expert tips and tricks for golden brown, perfectly baked cookies every time.

How to Freeze Cookies and Dough

Want to make cookies ahead and freeze them for later? Check out our four tips for success.

Great Cookie Collections
Delicious Peanut Butter Cookies

Try a melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookie recipe.

Delicious Brownies and Bar Cookies

Every type of cookie bar is perfect for sharing.

20 Luscious Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate lovers will flip for our chocolate cookies.

All About Cookies: Our Easy How-Tos
How to Make Cookies

Stop by for all our instruction on making your own cookie dough, baking perfectly soft cookies, and storing your cookies for maximum freshness.

Fun Cookie Ideas
Tasty Sandwich Cookies

Layer on the fun with our sandwich cookie recipes.

Sugar Cookie with a Twist

Dazzle friends with impressively decorated sugar cookies.

Oatmeal Cookies and Bars

Try our tasty twists on oatmeal cookie recipes.

Everything in Cookies
How To
  • How to Make Bar Cookies

    There’s always an occasion for bar cookies. Use our step-by-step guide to making these one-pan wonders.

  • How to Make Cookie Dough

    We take the guesswork out of making delicious cookie dough when you follow these six simple steps.

  • How to Make Fresh Raspberry Bars

    Better Homes and Gardens contributing editor Scott Peacock shows you how to make delicious fresh raspberry bars.

  • Fabulous No-Bake Cookies & Bars

    There’s no oven required for these flavorful no-bake cookie and bar recipes that can be ready in no time.

  • How to Line a Pan

    Use this time-saving trick to prevent fudge, brownies, and bar cookies from sticking to the pan.

  • Cookie Sheet Tip Sheet

    Choose the right baking sheet for your favorite cookie recipes by following these six tips for success.

  • Tips for Baking Cookies

    Freshly baked cookies can be a snap when you use these four tips to ensure success every time you bake.

  • Freezing Cookies and Dough

    Save time by freezing freshly baked cookies and dough in advance. Follow these four tips for the best results.

  • How to Keep Cookies from Crumbling & Sticking to the Pan

    Learn the secrets to keeping freshly baked cookies from crumbling in the pan by following these easy steps.

  • How to Test Cookies for Doneness

    Can’t tell when your cookies are done? Follow these hints and tips for perfect cookies, brownies, and bars.

  • Secrets to Success

    Avoid common baking mistakes with these helpful hints and tips for making your best cookies yet.

  • Storing Cookies

    Follow these guidelines for storing freshly baked cookies so you’ll have treats on hand whenever you need them.

  • How to Work with Flours and Grains

    Understand the basics behind the different types of flours and grains that are essential to baking.

  • Sweeteners

    Sweeteners are the key to adding flavor to your baked goods. We highlight six of the most popular types.

Cookie Recipes
Christmas Cookies


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