Popcorn and Candy Bars

Make it a night at the movies with delicious homemade candy bars and popcorn.
Easy Candy-Bar Treats

Easy Candy-Bar Treats Whip up these candies by combining chocolate, peanuts and caramels for a tasty snack.


Sugared Popcorn Make this sugar-coated popcorn on the range top.


Caramel Corn Stir in some peanuts to make this oven caramel corn even more delicious!


Apricot-Toffee Corn Surprise popcorn lovers in your house with this buttery snack that's full of apricots and pecans.


Molasses Gorp Popcorn Logs If you don't have time to shape the popcorn, peanut, candy pieces, and raisins coated in a light molasses mixture into logs, break it into clusters and serve.


Cinnamon Popcorn Balls The thin layer of red candy coating on these popcorn balls is full of cinnamon flavor.


Peanut-Caramel Candy Bars Caramel and peanuts are the perfect combination for these heavenly candies.


Coconut-Almond Candy Bars Deep, rich chocolate and creamy coconut centers combine for a mouth-watering treat.


Caramallow Candy Bars Decadent layers of marshmallow creme and caramel are coated with rich chocolate.


Fruit and Nut Candy Bars Even without the chocolate, these candy bars with dried fruit and nut filling make good eating. To store, simply wrap them individually in clear plastic wrap and refrigerate.


Popcorn Balls No time to shape popcorn? Spread it out on buttered foil to cool, and then break into clusters.