Fudge and Penuche

Creamy fudge and dark sugar recipes to sweeten the day.
Old-Time Fudge

Old-Time Fudge Have a buddy handy to help you with the beating step, because that's the critical part in making perfect traditional fudge.


Remarkable Fudge When you include the candy bar, this fudge is even more remarkable because it's smoother.


Mint-Layer Fudge Topping this classic fudge with a creamy mint layer makes it even better.


Peanut Butter Fudge This chewy, nutty fudge will bring out the child in everyone.


Microwave Candy Bar Fudge Freeze this caramel-layered fudge to have on hand for special occasions or after-school treats.


Penuche This standard penuche recipe is a must-have for candy connoisseurs.


Coconut Penuche Coconut adds a tropical flavor to this creamy candy.


Honey-Walnut Penuche The smooth, satiny texture of this penuche comes from the honey.


Simple Fudge Refrigerated peanut butter cookie dough serves as a shortcut crust for these small-in-size, rich-in-taste, three-ingredient tarts.


Easy White Fudge No prior candy-making experience is necessary! Five ingredients and a microwave are all it takes to make this fiendishly delicious fudge.


Latte Fudge Chocolate and espresso pair well in this decadent treat. The recipes makes about five dozen candies, so you'll have plenty to share throughout the season.


Caramel-Pecan Fudge Get ready for a buttery rich candy that has just the right amount of pecans for delicious crunch. Feel free to omit the pecans if you're not a nut-lover.