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Red Velvet Cakes and Desserts

Want a dessert with impact? Our favorite no-fail stunner is red velvet cake. Dense with cocoa and topped with buttercream or cream cheese frosting, classic red velvet cake recipes always make a delicious statement. If you feel like breaking tradition, try one of our clever red velvet-inspired dessert recipes.


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    • Red Velvet Cake

      Here it is, folks: the queen of red velvet cakes. Our classic recipe bakes into a dramatic three-layer cake, or you can make more than two dozen cupcakes.

    • Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

      Marshmallow-filled whoopie pies take a decadent turn with fluffy red velvet cookies. These sweet sandwiches satisfy with just 70 calories.

    • Striped Red Velvet Cake

      Stacks of red velvet cake sandwich lightly tangy cream cheese frosting in this easy-prep red velvet cake recipe. Get patriotic with a garnish of fresh blueberries.

    • Red Velvet Cake Roll

      Swirls of luscious red velvet cake and a fluffy three-ingredient frosting make a stunning dessert option. Cool the cake in a spiral position so it doesn't crack when rolled.

    • Your Most Vibrant Red Velvet Cake Ever

      Cocoa and food coloring give red velvet cake its deep red color. To get the most vibrant hue, check out our video.

    • Trisha Yearwood's Red Velvet Cupcakes

      One of our favorite cooks, Trisha Yearwood, loves red velvet cake as cupcakes. Her favorite recipe features a sprinkling of crispy pecans in the cream cheese frosting.

    • Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies

      Crispy red velvet shortbread cookies have the cocoa-loaded goodness of a red velvet cake with less prep time and fewer ingredients. Chopped pistachios sprinkled on the white chocolate frosting add a colorful flourish.

    • Chocolate and Vanilla Red Velvet Cake

      The over-the-top chocolate flavor of red velvet cake meets a worthy match in this creamy vanilla filling. The timeless duo (and a dousing of chocolate ganache) updates traditional red velvet cake.

    • Red Velvet Raspberry Cupcakes

      Lush raspberry liqueur in the batter and frosting adds ambrosial notes to these otherwise classic red velvet cupcakes. Dot each one with a juicy fresh raspberry.

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      Red Velvet Heart Cake

      Decked with rows of fresh fruit, nuts, and piped frosting, this red velvet cake could entice even the grumpiest sweetheart. The heart shape is easy to make with one square cake and a round cake split in two.

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      Chocolate-Filled Red Velvet Cupcakes

      This molten red velvet cupcake is so decadent, it's really a no-brainer. Handmade truffles fill each cake and become melty masterpieces in the oven. Serving these cupcakes warm is a necessity.

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      Red Velvet Cheesecake

      Any recipe that calls for a pound of milk chocolate is bound to be irresistible, so dig in to our red velvet cheesecake. The creamy, chocolaty filling goes perfectly with the crumbly cookie crust.

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      Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Filling

      Rich mascarpone frosting and moist red velvet cake are just the start of these dreamy desserts. Whipped white chocolate cream piped into the cupcakes makes them utterly indulgent.

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      Red Velvet Buttermilk Brownies

      When buttermilk and cocoa combine, they create a deep red color and a fluffy texture, making each bite of these scrumptious brownies melt in your mouth.

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