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Learn how to frost a cake, make a layer cake, and even get the cake out of the pan. Plus, we've gathered our best videos on delicious decorative cakes you can make for a special occasion.


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    • How to Decorate a Cake with Frosting

      What's a cake without frosting? See our ideas for mastering this skill.

    • How to Make a Layer Cake

      Stack up a gorgeous layer cake. We'll show you the secrets to a successful recipe.

    • How to Remove a Cake from the Pan

      It can be tricky: You've baked your cake and are ready to get it out of the pan. Watch as we show you the best method.

    • How to Decorate a Cake with Chopped Nuts

      Add a beautiful finish to the sides of your cake with this easy process for decorating.

    • How to Make an Ice Cream Cake

      Chill out! A creamy ice cream-filled cake can be yours. We'll show you how.

    • How to Make a Celebration Cake

      Are you ready to bake a special cake? This stacked beauty is easier than you think -- see how!

    • How to Make a Pink Ruffle Cake

      This cake works well for birthdays or any special occasion. We'll help you make it.

    • How to Make a Sprinkles Cake

      Sprinkles aren't just for the top of your cake -- enjoy them from every angle with this nifty video.

    • How to Make a Monkey Cake

      We're bananas for this kid-friendly monkey-shape cake.

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      Elegant and Easy Cake Recipes

      Making a gorgeous dessert for your next get-together is, well, a piece of cake! We've picked our favorite easy cakes for you to try, from decadent red velvet to classic chocolate cake recipes. With shortcut ingredients, simple methods, and fast prep times, we have an irresistible cake recipe to fit any occasion.
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