Frosting and Filling

A cake isn't complete without a frosted finish. Whether you use frosting as the topper or a filling, or you spread frosting over every square inch of a layer cake, we can help. Our homemade frosting recipes, plus icing and frosting tutorials (we'll help you master piping!), ensure that your next cake is Pinterest-worthy.

Recipe Quick Find

Cupcake Frosting Helpers
How to Frost and Decorate Cupcakes

Complete rookies and cupcake pros alike should stop in for a roundup of cupcake frosting techniques you can master.

Decorate Cupcakes with Piped Frosting

Cupcakes just got cuter. Use incredibly easy piping techniques (we suggest four) to elevate your cupcake platter.

How to Make Cupcakes

From mixing and baking to perfectly frosting, get our best tips for making cupcake recipes.

Cake Frosting and Icing Ideas
Cake Frosting Ideas and Decorating Basics

Follow a few basic steps to turn cake frosting into a work of art.

How to Bake and Frost a Cake

No more mixes. Try our foolproof homemade cake batter and frosting.

How to Color Icing and Frosting

Make frosting in the hue of your choosing with our food coloring formulas.

Homemade Frosting Recipes


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