Elegant and Easy Cake Recipes

Making a gorgeous dessert for your next get-together is, well, a piece of cake! We've picked our favorite easy cakes for you to try, from decadent red velvet to classic chocolate cake recipes. With shortcut ingredients, simple methods, and fast prep times, we have an irresistible cake recipe to fit any occasion.


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    • Champagne Cake with Fresh Strawberries

      Add a little romance to life with a sweet slice of soft champagne cake. This so-easy cake recipe is light and moist, and it's a sweet treat for any occasion.

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    • Mango-Carrot Cake

      Carrot cake, meet juicy mango. The sweet fruit brings irresistible tropical notes and incredible moisture to this gorgeous and easy cake. A layer of quick cream cheese frosting adds delicious zip.

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    • Graham Cracker Cake

      Turn the classic kids snack into a sweet, sophisticated layer cake. Crunchy graham crackers give this cake recipe its warm cinnamon-honey flavor, and the airy brown sugar frosting adds sweetness without overpowering.

    • Polka-Dot Cake

      We're seeing spots! Bright-color dots made from purchased fondant adorn this quick and easy vanilla cake. You can use canned or homemade frosting, depending on how much time you have.

    • Italian Cream Cake

      Rich, made-from-scratch buttercream frosting gives this three-layer cake recipe its name. Coconut and chopped pecans flavor the simple yellow cake, and a ring of chopped nuts around the edge makes an elegant yet easy finishing touch.

    • Layer Cake That Won't Crumble

      Watch our tips and tricks for making a beautiful layer cake that won't fall apart during assembly.

    • Chocolate-Lover's Cake

      Who doesn't love chocolate? This decadent cake is made with rich cocoa powder and a generous coating of fluffy chocolate butter frosting. Make decorating a breeze by using a flat knife to create sophisticated peaks and swirls all over the cake.

    • Red Velvet Cake

      A little cocoa and red food coloring turn regular cake into a stunning red dessert. Buttercream frosting adds extra layers of decadence.

    • Dulce de Leche Cake

      This beautiful cake only looks like a lot of work. Packaged white cake mix cuts down on prep time, and you can make the cake ahead and frost right before serving. A quick caramelized-sugar drizzle hints at the classic dulce de leche dessert.

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      Triple-Citrus Pound Cake

      Three tangy citrus fruits -- grapefruit, lime, and orange -- team up for a zesty, 300-calorie spin on traditional pound cake recipes. A simple powdered-sugar frosting adds sweetness and a gorgeous finish.

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      Pink Lemonade Cake

      Who knew summer's sweetest sipper could double as a refreshingly fruity cake recipe? All you need is a little frozen lemonade concentrate, creamy lemon-butter frosting, and sugared lemon slices to transform this cake from simple to pretty in pink.

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      Pistachio-Honey Cake with Berries and Cream

      Warm honey lends subtle sweetness to this pistachio-cornmeal cake. Top it with juicy strawberries and luscious mascarpone-honey frosting for one fabulous fruit dessert.

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      Bourbon-Chocolate Tipsy Cake

      Hosting a dinner party? Add a splash or two of bourbon to classic chocolate cake for a rich, warm flavor that's sure to keep your party going.

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      Molasses Spice Cake

      Our special homemade berry compote takes this layered spice cake recipe over the top. Prepare the compote up to two weeks in advance using fresh berries, a splash or two of orange juice, molasses, and blueberry brandy.

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      Classic Vanilla Cake

      Who says sprinkles and icing make the cake? When classic white cake is this soft and moist, you don't need any extra flair. Simplicity makes this cake recipe beautifully sophisticated.

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      Chocolaty Harvest Fruit-Topped Cake

      If you have 30 minutes, you can whip up a partyworthy cake that's brimming with harvest-inspired fruits and topped with sweet, smooth caramel.

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      Gooey Chocolate-Caramel Fantasy

      Calling all chocoholics! This rich and gooey caramel cake is nothing short of a chocolate-lover's dream. Be sure to keep it chilled until it's time to top. Then go crazy with the creamy caramel and mounds of crunchy pecans.

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      Banana-Clementine Cake with Pomegranate Sauce

      Forget boring banana bread and upgrade to our zippy, citrus-infused cake recipe. We topped it off with a mouthwatering fruit sauce made with crunchy pomegranate seeds and tart jelly.

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      Brownie Pudding Cake

      Imagine your favorite chocolate desserts -- brownies, pudding, and cake -- all baked into one blissful chocolate cake. Each spoonful will have you reaching for more of this rich sheet cake.

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      Harvest Carrot Cake with Skillet Fruit

      We've simmered pears, kumquats, and fresh cranberries in melted butter and caramelized sugar to make the ultimate candy-sweet fruit topping. This easy pumpkin-carrot cake won't know what hit it!

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      Chocolate Cake with Malt Topping

      Crispy malted milk balls and a simple malted-chocolate frosting add a little something special to our yummy and easy chocolate cake recipe.

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      Mocha Tres Leches Cake

      This twist on tres leches features espresso coffee powder baked into moist chocolate cake that's topped with creamy curls of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

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      Fruit and Date Lumberjack Cake

      Light and moist, sticky and sweet -- this lumberjack cake recipe carries a large load of delicious flavors and textures. Top it with sugar-glazed pears and kumquats just before serving.

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      Malted Mousse Cake

      Amaretti -- crisp Italian macaroon cookies -- give this easy mousse cake its crunchy crust. If you can't find amaretti, shortbread cookies work, too. When cooled, the creamy white chocolate filling gives the cake a playfully smooth texture similar to ice cream. Sprinkle with pastel candy eggs for a colorful touch.

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      Cream Cheese-Berry Coffee Cake

      Give ordinary coffee cake a fabulous facelift using reduced-fat cream cheese, fruity jam, and fresh red raspberries. Best of all, you can indulge in this delicious dessert for fewer than 150 calories per piece.

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      Whole Wheat Chocolate-Blueberry Cake

      Whole wheat flour gives this rich, chocolaty cake recipe a healthier spin. A decadent chocolate glaze topped with juicy blueberries presents a glamorous, glossy look.

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      Chocolate Cake Recipes That Don't Disappoint

      Just try to name a dessert that satisfies like homemade chocolate cake. Whether you're baking for a special occasion or an evening in, these chocolate cake recipes turn a basic night into an indulgent one. From a classic chocolate cake to a molten chocolate cake recipe to our favorite flourless chocolate cake, we have something for everyone. You'll want to save room for a second slice.
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