Danish Pastries

Sumptuous pastries are certain to please.
Key Lime Danish Pastries Key Lime Danish Pastries

Key Lime Danish Pastries Each tender, sweet roll is filled with a luscious blend of cream cheese and lime.


Blackberry Danish For the filling, be sure to use preserves rather than all-fruit spreads, which have too much liquid.


Apple-Maple Claws Glaze with maple icing and serve warm for breakfast, dessert, or as a midday snack.


Apricot-Almond Breakfast Treat your overnight company to the best bed and breakfast pastries in town.


Cheese and Lemon Danish Traditionally made from a buttery yeast-bread dough with a sweet filling, danishes have long been a favorite of their namesake country.


Sour Cream Danish Dough This dough is flaky and rich, like the croissant dough recipe, but it is substantially quicker to make and requires less chilling time.


Strawberry Turnovers Stuffed inside these golden pastries is a simple filling of fresh strawberries mixed with strawberry preserves. Fork marks make the decorative trim on the edges.