These five recipes will help you make terrific meals with cusk.


Lime-Sauced Fish and Cucumbers
Lime-Sauced Fish and Cucumbers

Common names: Tusk, European cusk, Brosmius.

Common forms: Fillets

General description: A codlike fish from northern waters, a bit oilier than other white-fleshed fish.


Lime-Sauced Fish and Cucumbers For a successful stir-fry, remember that firm-fleshed fish stir-fry best. Choose varieties such as cusk, monkfish, swordfish, or sea bass.


Quick Oriental Fish Soup Skimp on time, not taste, when you serve this intriguing Asian-inspired soup.


Seafood Stew Crispy slices of French bread are perfect for soaking up the last drop of this savory stew.


Fish and Corn Chowder Sprinkle a few rye croutons over the chowder just before serving to add a bit of crunch and contrast to the sweetness of the corn.


Chilled Cod with Gazpacho Sauce All you need are five ingredients for this lazy-day summertime salad. Choose from both eat-now or eat-later chilling options.