Your family will enjoy these flavorful recipes that are easy to cook, too.


Parmesan Baked Fish

Common names: Scrod, Arctic cod, Greenland cod, true cod (Pacific), Alaska cod, etc.

Common forms: Whole (to ten pounds and larger), steaks, skinless fillets (most common), salt cod.

General description: Lean, medium-firm, snow white meat with a big flake and mild flavor; white-fleshed fish.


Parmesan Baked Fish Cod, salmon, and orange roughy are all good choices for this tasty, easy-to-fix recipe.


Chunky Vegetable-Cod Soup This herbed fish soup will win your family's approval...hook, line, and sinker!


Roasted Cod with Peppers and Potatoes Roasting is a quick and simple way to prepare this healthy recipe. The cod fillets are delicious, but the recipe also works well with other firm white fish.


Cod Provençale Enjoy the warm flavors of southern France with this fabulous dinner of cod, tomatoes, peppers, onion, olives, thyme, and just a touch of orange peel.


Citrus Cod with Fennel and Potatoes Everything in this healthy, fresh-tasting meal is cooked in the same dish and on the table in a flash.


Chilled Cod with Gazpacho Sauce All you need are five ingredients for this lazy-day summertime salad. Choose from both eat-now or eat-later chilling options.


Beer-Battered Cod The distinctive flavor of cod is enhanced in this recipe.


Roasted Cod with Vegetables Roasting is our favorite cooking technique for fish -- it delivers great flavor fast.