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From a spicy beef chili recipe to a vegetarian chili recipe to a creamy chicken chili recipe, our can't-miss recipes offer inspiring ways to whip up the ultimate winter comfort food. Plan a bowl of one of our best chili recipes for dinner tonight!


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    • Two-Tomato Stew Chili Recipe

      This beef chili packs a two-tomato wallop with both dried and canned tomatoes. Crushed red pepper adds bite, balanced by mild and sweet red and green chiles.

    • Vegetarian Chili

      Hearty veggies do the legwork in this vegetarian chili recipe. Toss zucchini, sweet pepper, onion, celery, tomatoes, and corn kernels in your slow cooker, and let the spices and beans make it a meal.

    • Texas Red Chili

      To tempt the serious chili-head, this recipe is all meat, no beans. It's a mix of lean ground beef and thick-cut bacon simmered in garlic-laden broth. Just before serving, top with cheddar slices.

    • Classic Chili

      Rich, chunky, and filled with fabulous flavor, this traditional chili is a classic recipe for a reason! Add an extra sprinkle of cheese and a dollop of sour cream for a smooth finish.

    • Chicken Fajita Chili

      Get a second use for fajita seasoning with a chicken chili recipe that captures everything you love about fajita fillings. This chili is extra saucy thanks to undrained diced tomatoes; if you prefer a thicker chili, drain some of the juice.

    • Vegetarian Chili -- You Won't Miss the Meat!

      Chock-full of beans, veggies, and spices, this vegetarian chili recipe is sure to be a family favorite. Learn how to make this delicious, hearty soup.

    • Beef and Bean Chili

      A generous handful of corn chips is the crunchy accent on this classic family-style chili. We've updated the method: It takes only 10 minutes to simmer and blend flavors of beef, onions, tomato, jalapeno chiles, and beans.

    • Spicy White Chili Recipe

      To make this soup budget-friendly and hearty, make it a turkey chili recipe. A pinch of cayenne delivers mild heat, while shredded Monterey Jack cheese and sour cream enrich the white-bean broth.

    • Pineapple Pork Chili

      It doesn't get much easier than this five-ingredient dinner. Ground pork and pineapple salsa make it outstanding.

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      Kickin' Hot Chili

      Can you stand the heat? Cayenne pepper and green chile peppers add spice to a classic chili recipe. Thinly sliced green peppers laid on top warn tasters that this is not your average bowl.

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      Big-Batch Vegetarian Lentil Chili

      Red lentils blend right in with classic chili ingredients such as diced tomatoes, kidney beans, and chopped veggies in this hearty, meatless dish. Serve this easy chili recipe with chips and shredded cheese.

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      Chicken Chili Recipe

      This slow cooker chicken recipe turns a few hours into a luscious chili. Jalapeno chile peppers provide the heat; if you prefer a tamer chili, just leave them out.

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      Harvest Chili

      Cayenne and chili powder add heat to the mix of chicken-apple sausage, butternut squash, and Granny Smith apples. Ladle it onto a bed of polenta for a satisfying one-dish dinner.

    • How to Make Chili
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      Chili Recipe How-To: Spices

      No skimping on this key ingredient, no matter which type of chili you make! Watch to learn about how to make the best chili recipe ever.

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      Southwestern Meatball Chili

      Bookmark this quick weeknight meal. Refrigerated meatballs, frozen mixed veggies, quick-chopped tomatoes, and spices are all you need for a family-pleasing chili dinner in 25 minutes.

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      Winter Woods Chili

      For a chili that's sure to satisfy the meat-lovers in your family, try this recipe: It combines beef and bacon. Mix the classic cheddar topper with fresh oregano for a new twist.

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      Hominy and Chorizo Chili

      With fresh Southwest flavor, this chili is made with spicy chorizo. Carrots, peppers, and grape tomatoes bring a lighter touch. Hominy is a tasty stand-in for beans.

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      Wasatch Mountain Chili

      Hominy, chicken, and Great Northern beans create a tantalizing trio in this jazzed-up white chili. For an added spark of flavor, dress up each serving with green salsa, tortilla chips, and fresh cilantro.

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      White Chili

      Lime juice and luscious slices of fresh mango give this delightful pork-and-white-bean chili an unexpectedly sweet twist.

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      Game Day Chili

      Dried plums sweeten and thicken the mix while balancing the spiciness in this all-time favorite recipe.

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      Vegetarian Green Chili

      Cilantro, spinach, edamame, and green onions send a healthy message in this better-for-you soup. A jar of salsa verde is a time-saving ingredient that makes this chili unique.

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      Venison Chili Recipe

      Venison -- which has a woody, almost fruity flavor -- is combined with veggies and seven spices to create a knockout chili.

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      Mexican Winter Chili

      Pumpkin adds an autumnal twist (no matter the season) to this zesty chili filled with veggies and beef.

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      Winter Squash and Sage Sausage Chili

      This five-ingredient chili packs lots of flavor -- and it's so simple to make.

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      Christmas Chili

      Yes, we named this recipe Christmas Chili -- but no, December 25 isn't the only day you can enjoy it. The red tomatoes and green tomatillos bring out the holiday color scheme in this kicky recipe; the ancho and jalapeno chiles add the warm-your-belly finish.

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      New World Chili Recipe

      For a pleasing twist on slow cooker chili, try this pumpkin-packed version that also stars dried cranberries, jalapeno peppers, and turkey.

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      Hearty Vegetarian Chili

      You'll be pleasantly stuffed after a bowl of this vegetarian chili. Unlike other chilis that simmer all day, this 45-minute start-to-finish recipe takes a shortcut with frozen mixed vegetables.

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      Kickin' Chicken Chili

      Try something new with chicken breasts. Here they contribute to a terrific chili, especially when mixed with green salsa, sweet peppers, onion, beans, and diced tomatoes.

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