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Try This! Snack Ideas

These ideas are easy to make after school, after dinner, or anytime you want a quick pick-me-up.


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    • Whole-Grain Waffle Snacks

      Frozen waffles are a great building block for fast after-school snacks. Make the snacks even healthier by using whole-grain waffles.

    • Snack Healthy with Fruit Smoothies

      Wrap up their favorite fruit in a healthy tortilla and top it off with a smoothie. That should tide 'em over till dinner!

    • Portable Pizzas

      For a fast fun snack you can take with you, try a portable pizza. Pile all your favorite pizza flavors into a convenient little cracker snack.

    • Fresh & Flavorful Popcorn

      What's better than butter on popcorn? Try a spicy mix of cayenne and parmesan, toss in some fun candy flavors, or really get things poppin' with pesto!

    • Create Your Own Coffee Treat

      Use your leftover morning brew for a midafternoon pick-me-up. Try this easy treat you whip up from cold coffee and ice cream.

    • Make Your Own Yogurt Cheese

      Turn a carton of plain yogurt into a cheesy treat. Spread it, dip into it, and save some calories too!

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